Muzz | All about dating as a Single Muslim

All about dating as a Single Muslim

Dating as a single Muslim can be daunting, especially when you worry about what you can and cannot do. Muzz makes it easy for Muslim singles to find love.

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How do single Muslims date?

Muslim dating can be daunting, especially if you're worried about the dos and don’ts. When we created Muzz, our biggest challenge was bringing Muslim singles together in a safe and halal way while respecting our users' religious and cultural beliefs. With over 6 million Muslim members and 250,000 successful marriages, we’ve proven that single Muslims CAN date - they just need to follow some rules.

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Where single Muslims meet

In the words of Beyonce, "if you want it then put a ring on it" - and when you think of Muslim dating, it's pretty much the same thing! The intention of getting married is what gives dating that halal flavor. We make sure only Muslims seeking serious relationships join Muzz, making everyone sign an oath saying they'll observe proper Islamic etiquette. Some members take this seriousness to the next level, like Hussein, who went ahead and bought a ring before even meeting his date- now that's planning ahead.

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Married on Muzz- Bilal and Sara, 2020 (USA)

Finding The One

We use technology to make it easier for Muslim singles to find their perfect partner. For example, our app has search tools important to Muslims, such as filters for sect, prayer levels and family goals. Privacy and modesty is prized in Islam. Members can blur their profile photos and even include a chaperone ( also known as Wali) in chats. At the end of the day, being yourself is how you'll find someone amazing. You can add Profile Videos, Voice Intros and your interests to your profile to make you stand out. Who says dating as a single Muslim has to be boring?

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