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Ask Muzz: How to Add Photos

August 8, 2022

Have questions about how to use Muzz? This series will tell you everything you need to know about using Muzz to make empowered connections.

Your dating app profile is so important to having success on the app! Think about it, it's the first thing someone sees and determines whether they swipe right or left. And to get that swipe right, your photos need to be on point. Check out how to take the perfect profile photo here.

Adding photos on Muzz is easy to do! Watch the video above to find out how, or use the following steps:

Go to settings and tap 'Edit Profile'

Tap on 'Add Photo'

Hit 'Preview' in the tabs to see how your profile looks and flows

Tap 'Done' and you're all good to go!

Happy Muzzing 😉

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