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Why are People Not Liking Your Profile and What You Can Do to Change it!

So you’ve done it! You’ve finally created your Muzz profile, and you are on your way to securing the deal and getting married but there’s one glitch – you have no idea how to fill in an online profile

#FreePalestine - a letter from our CEO

About one in every 100 people in Gaza have been killed in a genocide led by US-backed Israel - the occupying apartheid force present in the Palestinian territories. In over 3 months, that equates to over

Muzz 2023 Recap - a letter from the CEO

Salaam, It’s Shaz the CEO of Muzz, and I wanted to share a few words with you on what we’ve achieved together in 2023 and Insha'Allah what is to come for you in 2024 (IA we get you married off!). This

Keeping Up With The Muzz Bakery!

We're pleased to announce that the first phase of the bakery is FINISHED! This means it's full constructed and of course painted pink. Due to the conflict happening in Sudan at the moment, our charity

Muzz 2022: The Recap

Salaam! It’s Shaz here, Founder and CEO of Muzz. What a year 2022. has been. It’s definitely been tough for many of us, and at times it has been hard to focus on the few positives we have had (aside from

Muzz in review

Muzz is a matrimony site that’s there to assist single Muslims in the task of finding their marital partner. It’s open to Muslims living anywhere. However, the small number of members that are registered

A Message from the Muzz CEO

What a year 2018 has been! It’s been a lot of tireless effort by our hard working team at Muzz this year. We’ve said hello to some new people, said goodbye to a few others and have grown our family in

Muzz featured in review

Muzz was created by a Muslim Entrepreneur in the UK in 2011. This entrepreneur said he saw many of the muslim marriage websites in the dating market were very difficult to use, poorly designed, full of

The Muzz School is Open!

Alhamdulillah, the Muzz (pink) school is now open! Thanks to your generosity, and the great work from the Read Foundation, we now have a school with 12 classrooms to educate 240 happy children! At Muzz,

You Asked, We Listened. Say Hello To New Ethnicity Filters!

We saw what happened to George Floyd. His death hurt us all deeply. Since then the world has been in uproar with global protests over racism; something that for many of us is a daily reality. These past

We are now Muzz! 👀

The world’s biggest Muslim marriage app is now Muzz We fought our hardest to keep the old name, unfortunately, the big guys won. Don't worry, they won't stop us on our mission to connect the two billion


Guess what?! We’ve just hit 5 million members Mashallah!🤩 That’s right, 5 million single Muslims all over the world are on Muzz searching for love❤️ To celebrate, we’re giving $5000 to one lucky couple

Associated Press features Muzz!

Sana Ikram enjoys a carefree, leisurely day in a London park with her husband of five months. But it took her a while to get to this stage. Sana says she was looking for a suitable marriage partner for

Muzz — How the Free App is Revolutionizing Dating for Thousands of Single Muslims Across the Globe

The Short Version: Many Muslim singles are finding that the contemporary dating landscape can pose a number of unique challenges. Level of religiosity, sect, family background, and ethnicity, among other

$35BN Match Group file multiple lawsuits against Muzz following repeated failed acquisition offers

Match Group (owner of Tinder/Hinge and 50+ other dating services) are suing Muzz in the UK and the US. We are a small startup fighting to defend ourselves against the largest dating company in the world.

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