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He Lived Across the Street! #muzzsuccess

Married In 2019

Salam Muzz!

We write this with immense happiness. We Muzzed in July 2018 and Alhumdulillah 6 months later our Nikah took place in January  2019.

> We never thought it would be this quick!

We can’t thank you guys enough. Muzz will always have a special place in our hearts.

We’re both originally from Bombay, India but I had moved to Dubai in 2006 and he had moved to London in 2005.

I was on & off on Muzz after being disappointed by a couple of other matrimonial sites.

> install-delete, install-delete and repeat.

So when he first sent me a message I had already deleted the app (once again). I reinstalled it after a week and found 3 new messages in my inbox and his message was right on top. It was the most interesting conversation I had! For the next 2 days it was a series of questions to each other. And guess what.

During these chats we got to know that he lives just across the street from my building in Bombay.

> We even went to the same college!

We had the same common friends but NEVER met each other in all these years and here we met on Muzz. Can you believe it?

Since we were in different countries at the time, we video chatted for a month and finally met each other in Bombay while on vacation and we deleted our profiles from Muzz right after our first meeting.

We got married within 6 months from the day we first chatted. Something I never imagined doing. So many people asked us how we met, and they couldn’t believe it was online on an app and just a few months ago. We told them the app is called Muzz, and I know for sure all of them have registered on it.

You know it was like Allah planned all this out so thoughtfully, It was meant to be.

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