Muzz | Single Muslim Looking for Love?

Single Muslim Looking for Love?

Here at Muzz we love helping our users find love. We are here to assure you that it is possible to find true love on a Muslim app for singles. Take a look below at some of our expert advice at navigating your journey on the world leading Muslim Marriage app.

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Being a single Muslim on a dating app

Finding a partner in this day and age can be hard. But not with Muzz, we have made it as easy as possible for you, as a single Muslim, to find your future spouse.

Our app for single Muslims has been developed with a range of unique features to aid your search to find a spouse. Filtering by sect and religiosity can help you find a partner who shares the same values as you. We also offer personality and interest tags for your profile where you can see the hobbies of your potential match before you start chatting. Muzz also offers profile videos and voice intros which can also be found on your profile, these are great ways to learn more about a person before connecting.

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Should I be on a Single Muslim app?

Well, if you’re a single Muslim looking to find love, then yes!

We continue to evolve our app with the best practices to connect you with your future spouse. Muzz is the leading Muslim dating and marriage app with over 6 million single Muslims worldwide looking for love. Over 250,000 couples have successfully found each other on Muzz, what more reason do you need to download our single Muslims app?

Check out our youtube channel where we highlight REAL Muzz users and ask them questions about halal dating, being on a single Muslim app, and their search for marriage.

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Family pressure to get married?

As a Muslim, finding a partner that you and your family will approve of can be nerve-wracking. Thats why we created a modern halal dating app for Muslim singles to easily find a partner.

Muzz provides the user with various privacy and safety features that will bring your family peace of mind. Privacy features include the option to blur profile photos, use a nickname, and even add a chaperone ( also known as Wali) to your chats. We also have video and voice calls on the app for free if you aren’t ready to share your phone number yet. Your family will finally approve of you being on a single Muslim app when they discover all the features that make it a safe and halal environment.

Muzz is better on the app!

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