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7 Tips For Maintaining A Friendship Within A Marriage

August 8, 2022

Should your spouse be your best friend?

Research has found that marriages based on friendships are more likely to be successful. Maybe this is because that initial feeling of "being in love" fades with time, but that strong bond of friendship lasts forever.

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Your spouse should be your best friend, your companion for life. They should be the person you confide in who always has your back; the person you have fun with, whose company you enjoy. Ever heard that saying "marriage is like living with a constant bestfriend"? It's true, but like anything, friendships require constant nurturing and love.

How do you maintain a friendship within a marriage, and keep it fun? Here are just a few tips:

1) Try New Things

Living with someone on a day to day basis can make things a little boring, and friendship is all about having fun. One way to overcome this is by trying out new things. Maybe it's a new class you can both enjoy, like painting, or maybe something more active like rock climbing.

Whatever it is, creating new memories and experiences strengthens the bond of friendship between you, allowing you to get closer to each other.

2) Don't Bottle Your Feelings

Marriage is never conflict free, there will always be something both you and your spouse disagree on, and this can be the same with friendships. But the healthiest friendships are those where we can be honest with our friends, even if this means being harsh sometimes or using "tough love". These conversations may be hard to have, but you still do it because you love your friends.

Well this is the same with marriage, that underlying friendship within your relationship should allow you both to be more honest with each other, of course this could lead to an argument, but hopefully your partner will take into account your view and attempt to change.

3) Take An Interest

When we’re first getting to know someone, we make that extra effort to be interested in all the things they're interested in, they're likes and dislikes- we just want to know everything about them really!

But after being married for years we may start to lose interest, or just assume we know everything about our spouse, which is wrong! Don't stop taking an interest, as we grow and develop there are always new changes and hobbies that come alone. Always try to encourage your partner and take an interest in whatever they're doing. Support them the way you would support your friends, because at the end of the day, they are your best friend.

5) Communication, Communication, Communication

If you regularly read our blogs, you know we always bang on about communication in a marriage. That's because it is SO SO important! The same applies for a friendship, communicating openly and honestly allows you to build a better friendship within your marriage.

6) Spending Quality Time Together

After years of marriage you tend to fall into a routine. Go to work, come home, eat , TV, sleep. You don't get to spend as much quality time together with your spouse, which could lead to both of you feeling annoyed and neglected.

Try to reserve a special time within the day where you can catch up with your partner and spend some time together. Maybe even reserve a day where you can try a new activity and do something fun.

7) Establish Regular Habits Together

Such as praying together- you know what they say right? Couples that pray together, stay together ;) It could be this or even something else such as reading the quran together, trying out a meal from a different cuisine each day of the week. Having certain things you do together on a weekly basis strengthens the friendship within your marriage.

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