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Preserving The Best Moments Of Your Relationship

August 8, 2022

Demographically speaking, Muslims have some of the highest marriage success rates across the globe. But as time goes on, couples must work together to preserve and collect the best, most cherished moments of their relationship so that they are not forgotten over the course of many years together.

Documenting important moments from your relationship materially, such as through photographs and handmade presents, is a unique way to commemorate your partner and celebrate your bond together and with Allah.

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Collage and Photography

Collecting pictures and photographs is a fun and individual way of putting the fun back in your marriage or relationship. Because society is so fast-paced and digitized nowadays, it can be very rewarding and intimate to print and save physical photos of your relationship, instead of relying on screenshots of your Instagram story.

You can do this by creating a picture collage dedicated to your relationship or even sticking photos onto the fridge as a daily reminder of your partner.

Collages can also incorporate other written and physical objects besides pictures: such as letters, ticket stubs, postcards, and anything else unique and cherished from your relationship.

Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts are an even older, more intimate method than photography when it comes to commemorating relationships.

Historically, many Muslim communities across the globe have celebrated love and marriage through making and exchanging handmade presents,

such as woven tapestries or even handmade poems.

In the present moment, handmade gifts may include hand drawings, prayer boxes, jewellery, or even building a small piece of furniture that your partner will cherish in your home.

Creative Playlists

Lots of couples make each other playlists: the exchange has been a popular one since the age of mixtape CDs. But currently, there’s plenty of opportunities to get really creative with crafting playlists for your significant other. For instance, one idea would be to make a playlist commemorating a certain day: such as songs you played at your wedding or on a first date.

You can also use music streaming services to collaborate on playlists with each other: adding and modifying your tracks as your relationship continues to flourish.

Because society moves so quickly and demands are running high, modern couples often find it hard to slow down and remember the points in their relationship that made them strong.

Preserving key moments from your relationship is a unique way to cherish the times you spent together as your love grows and deepens.

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