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Brides Wanted- Sorry, FAIR Brides Wanted: Colourism in Asian Communities.

"This will make your skin glow!" my aunt tells me excitedly, handing me a silver square box that reads “Glowing, radiant fairness in 3 easy steps”. It’s a bleaching cream. I force a smile as I politely

Do You Even Cook?

Do you cook? He asks, less than an hour into our back-and-forth text conversation. It comes after we jump over his either flirty or dorky opening line, and slide past pleasantries about the weather in

Great Marriages aren’t a Fluke: Sooner or Later, Get Yourselves to Therapy

I am a qualified psychotherapist, a scholar of Islam and a woman nearing two decades as a wife. If there’s one message I wish I could give to all Muslims whether in well-established long term marriages,

Keep it Radical: The Islamic Marriage Contract was a Revolution

A few years ago I was invited to run a community workshop for Muslim women on the topics of admired historical Muslimahs. I ran the workshop with a member of the group who had invited me; an older well-respected

Are Husbands Granted Superiority Over Their Wives? What Does The Quran Say?

As I approached marriage, I consumed every talk, article and book I could find on the topic. Knowing I was embarking on what the Prophet (SAW) described as half our deen, I was eager to start this new

Help! I’m A Muslim Revert And Can’t Get Married

Undoubtedly, being a Muslim revert brings up many challenges. Disapproving parents, work, a partner, friends and the list goes on. On top of that, you’ve got to find someone that will slot nicely into

How Learning a New Language Can Help You Find a Partner

Not all of us can be lucky enough to find our soulmate right away. For some, it takes years of exploring, countless sleepless nights, desperation, and loss of faith. If you’ve tried everything but haven’t

Don’t be THAT guy on Muzz!

“Dear brothers and sisters, actually no. This article is specifically targeted at brothers. Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah. Please note, this piece of advice is written with sincere honesty and concern,

Raghad Found Her Husband In Less Than Twenty Four Hours On Muzz!

Raghad and Ibrahim met on Muzz on July 21st 2020. She had downloaded the app and in less than 24 hours she found her fiance Mashallah! We asked them questions about their Muzz experience- hopefully these

How to convince your parents of a love marriage

Finding the perfect partner can be so hard; someone that is compatible with you, shares your interests and values… sometimes it can feel impossible. But there’s nothing worse than going through that whole

A guide for those serious about marriage: Part 1

A Muzz member has kindly written a guide on finding a spouse based upon their own experiences, to help other members out! They have asked us to share it anonymously In the name of Allah, Most Merciful,

Islam. Women. Rights?

There are a lot of misconceptions about who can do what in a marriage, especially for women. A lot of us don’t know exactly what our financial rights are, our sexual rights, or even our rights to divorce.

Deal-breakers: The Relationship Edition

Written by: Saira Khan “So you’re looking to get married? What are you looking for in your future spouse?” Sound familiar? I’d like to start off by sharing a little fact that many aren’t aware of: studies

Is Valentine's Day Haram For Muslims?!

Ok ok, right from the start let's address the fact that we know many Muslim’s believe that valentine's day is haram, and then there are Muslim’s who think it’s fine and celebrate it. Valentine’s day is

Men, Stop Looking For a Wife Who You Expect To Be Like Your mother!

“When you’re married…” Those are the words us South Asian women start to hear a lot of once we hit adolescence. Marriage is a topic which appears to begin early in our lives, many times it can feel that

Life Re-Imagined: Lockdown Weddings

The pandemic has brought with it change in practically all aspects of our lives including tying the knot. The long, drawn-out days of lockdown turning into weeks, months and now the year mark has given

10 Pearls of Marriage Advice From a Divorcée

It would be completely reasonable at this moment for you to ask yourself, “What possible advice can a divorcée give about marriage? After all, hasn’t she failed?” But there is much to be said about learning

Finding The One In 2021: The 5 Golden Rules

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that life is short and our time is valuable. So let’s stop wasting it with prolonged talking stages and fears of commitment, and really try to find the one in 2021!

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