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3 Things I Wish I Knew Before We Got Married

I used to think I had my stuff together. Then I got married. Marriage is great—but it rocked everything I knew. I quickly realized my basic goal in life, prior to getting married, was to simply remain

Marriage as Medicine

Jummah is the best day of the week. The Khateeb, Imam Suleiman, sent a purifying message at the Atlanta Masjid. He talked about the diseases of the heart. The more he spoke, the more I began to feel dirty,

Where Did We Go Wrong...

Marriage, one of the most sacred and blessed cornerstones of Islam to the extent it is described as half of one’s deen, appears to have been reduced to a job specification. Applicants must fit certain

Islam: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

In preparing to write this article, I visited several other Muslim websites to read what the scholars there had to say about love. I was hoping to find some good stories of love and mercy between the Prophet

The Johnny Depp Guide To Loving Your Muslim Wife

Johnny Depp is one of the most famous actors of our time. Though rather small in stature (he’s only 5’10), he is known for taking on very big roles. He usually plays quirky, strange characters with broad

Do You Really Want to Get Married?

How do you know if you are ready to get married and more specifically if you are ready to marry that particular person? Do you really want to get married? While there are some Muslims that do not want

Unmasking the Many Myths of Multiple Muslim Marriage

From American Muslim to Sister Wives, Mormons to Muslims, reality TV appears to be both a hindrance and a help to often misunderstood faiths. Like recess chatter at an elementary school, reality TV may

Preventing the Girlfriend-Boyfriend Relationship

Zina (fornication) has become a common place occurrence within the Muslim Youth community, and the Muslim girls and boys have sadly fallen prey to the snares of Western society. You may wonder how can

Nurturing Marital Love

He bounded up the stairs so energetically that it was hard for me to believe that here was a man of more than eighty years. He had the vitality of a youth. Then I learned the reason why: Though he had

4 Tips on Finding The One

For Muslims there is no better example or precedent of an ideal husband than the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He was the most loving, kind, humble, merciful, compassionate, loyal, trust-worthy,

Love As A Gift

If you love someone there are a lot of days to remember. People think it is very important not to forget birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s day. Our expressions of love are often expected to take

Garments of love

“..They (your wives) are your garment and you are a garment for them..” (Noble Quran 2:187) Contemplating on the nature of loveHow couples join together in such joyStaying faithful to each other like dovesSuch

Marriage Is A Blessing but It Isn't Everything?

In a society obsessing with marriage and filled with few who understand its virtue and value, is marriage really everything? By Romanna Bint Abubaker I don’t need to tell you about the flurry of articles everywhere about marriage this year. We are almost certainly affected by the celebrity culture and the current baby and marriage boom. Articles are appearing in their droves on why women can’t get married or why we ought to want to get married. Let me clarify that I’m no feminist, and far from it, as many who know me will tell you. I’m a simple traditionalist who takes my role and status from that which my faith, Islam, prescribes for me. This may be shocking to some, but that status is that my husband is the closest I should ever get to bowing in respect (something which Muslims do daily in their prayer to their Lord). For a Muslim woman, the status of her husband in her life is so high that it was said IF there were anyone other than God who a woman would have been obliged to show such a level of respect to – it would have been her husband. Many of you may suddenly think, ‘oh how typically oppressive’, and ‘unsurprisingly backwards’. Let me elaborate. I emphasise the if because the key tenet of Islam is that there is no one other than God to whom such respect is due, not even the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). A man does, however, have a great burden of responsibility to his wife and because of human psychology it is only natural that if someone willingly does everything for you, we naturally  want to offer great respect and love to this individual. Isn’t that what love is?

How to Love: Relationships in Islam

Really interesting video discussing the Prophetic tradition of Love in Islam. Yes it does exist!

The Marriage Business

Muslim men bring 12,000 brides to Britain each year. That leaves their female peers with a dilemma — accept a “part-time husband” or turn to an agency that will check out a man’s family (and his bachelor

Online Dating: A Muslim Guide on How to Be Safe

A recent study by found that 1 in 6 couples that got married in 2010 met on a matchmaking site. This is not surprising considering online dating and matchmaking websites now make up a $4 billion

Is Marriage a Fad of Old Times?

On Monday evening, I was on a date with a potential suitor who had been introduced to me through family, when he said: “I just don’t see why a successful woman with as much charisma and ambition as you

A Single Muslim Man Speaks Out

"For a single man in my mid 30s expectations are high." I have often wondered whether this is an active choice, a curse, or simply a matter of circumstance. At my age and from my cultural background almost everyone I know is married and has children. At times I wonder whether it is the lifestyle I have adopted, but at other times partition blame to the circumstances which life have tasked me with. Just the other day it happened again. A moment glimpse, and she – a stranger – caught my eye; my breath literally, taken away. But as with every other similar opportunity, some momentary, just minutes,  others prolonged over weeks and months, the old Arab adage holds true: an opportunity is akin to a cloud in a sky; rare and infrequent. Arranged Introductions, But…

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