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How Many Of These Modern Dating Terms Do You Know?!

May 9, 2023

As if dating in the modern age wasn’t already hard enough, but now there all these new dating terms that we’re expected to know too!

Let’s see how many of these you can get correct, the answers will be revealed after each question... Good luck!

1) We’ll start you off with an easy one...

Is Ghosting:

A) When someone is so pale, they look like they’ve seen a ghost

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B) When someone randomly disappears without any explanation and there is no longer any trace of them

C) When someone thinks they’re dating a ghost

The Answer is...B

Yep ghosting is when someone cuts off ALL contact without any explanation or warning.

I'm sure you all knew this one seeing as we have sooo much content on it! It's probably one of the most painful ways to get rejected. We actually had an Instagram Live with a relationship coach who suggested ways we can deal with this - check it out here.

2) What is Stashing?

A) When someone talks to loads of people at once and they’re just “stashing” you into their collection of potentials

B) When your boo refuses to introduce you to their friends and family, won't post you on their socials and kind of just “stashes” you away from everyone

C) When someone asks for your number and then never calls you- they’re stashing up the phone numbers.

The answer is... B

Yep, stashing is when your partner hides you from the world and basically walks around like they're single. Sad times.

Example: I went to pick up Manal and she told her dad I was the Hermes delivery driver with her package from Asos :(

3) What is Breadcrumbing?

A) When they’re not actually interested in you but make you think they are, and they give you just enough attention to string you along

B) When you discover their trail of breadcrumbs, which basically refers to all of their exes

C) When they act all mysterious and don’t tell you everything about themselves. They give out small bits of info leaving you with a breadcrumb trail to follow like in Hansel and Gretel

The Answer is... A

Yep, breadcrumbing is when someone acts like they’re interested in you, but they’re really not. They give you just enough attention and say the right lines to make you think they want to marry you… they string you along with their trail of breadcrumbs, until it becomes apparent they’re not interested

Example: She always messages about how she can’t wait to meet me in person, but every time I try and set a date she comes up with a lame excuse and says no.

4) Is Cushioning...

A) When a relationship falls into a routine and you both get a bit too comfortable around each other

B) When you fall hard for someone and need “cushions” to help soften the fall

C) When you feel like things aren’t going to end well with your match, so you hop on Muzz and start chatting to other guys/girls to soften the blow for when it does end.

The Answer is... C

Cushioning is When you can tell the relationship is coming to an end, so you start getting to know other people so when it does end, it won’t hurt as much.

Example: I don’t think she likes me anymore, so I’m reactivating my Muzz profile to talk to some other girls.

5) Is Kitten Fishing...

A) When someone is pretending to be someone they’re not

B) When someone has pictures of cute kittens in their profile to make you match with them

C) When someone posts a photo of themselves- but it’s an older more attractive one that no longer looks like them.

The Answer is... C

Kitten fishing is a more gentle form of catfishing- when someone presents themselves in a much more attractive way on their profile- they may use older, more attractive photos (or photos shop), they may lie about their height, or age. But it’s different to catfishing as they’re not pretending to be a whole other person.

Example: His profile said he was 6ft2. When we met, he was definitely not 6ft 2 :(

6) What is Benching?

A) This is When you’re in the talking stage and you’re just another option/ back up

B) This is when your date stops trying to meet you in person

C) This is when you go on a date and sit on a bench.

The answer is... A

Benching basically means that you're just a back up option, until something better comes along.

Example: Her mum is setting her up with a rishta, so I’ve been benched.

7) Catch and Release refers to A,B, or C?

A) When someone thinks they’ve “caught” their match and are getting into a relationship, but the other person leaves right before they can catch them

B) When someone chases you but as soon as they have you they let you go- i.e. they just love the chase

C) When you catch feelings but try to release them, because feelings are gross.

The answer is... B

Catch and release is when someone makes it their mission to chase you and lock you down in a relationship. But they just enjoy the chase. As soon as they have you, they lose interest and move onto someone else.

Example: He would call me everyday and send me flowers at work, he even asked if I would be his girlfriend. I said yes and since then he’s been really distant

8) Which one of these is an example of Zombie-ing?

A) It's been months since you’ve been’re getting on with life and have forgotten that person even existed, when suddenly you get a “hi, still hate me?” text

B) They take ages to reply to you so you’re sat there worrying that something happened to them or that they died..and then they text you a few hours later

C) When they’re really boring and have nothing going for them- they’re just a boring zombie.

The answer is... A

Zombie-ing: When someone ghosted you and suddenly decided to make a reappearance.

Example: He messaged me on Muzz again today… after 3 months.

9) What is a Slow Fade?

A) A special haircut boys get for their first date

B) Like ghosting- but more slowly and gradually

C) When you slowly start losing interest in someone

The answer is... A

Yep a slow fade is in fact a special haircut boys get for their first date...

Only joking! That correct answer was B- It's when someone ghosts you but in a more gradual way...It may start with less frequent texts, to cancelled plans, to complete and utter silence...

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