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Dear Muzz: I'm Tired Of Searching!

May 16, 2023

We understand how challenging it can be to navigate the dating scene, especially when searching for a potential spouse.

We recently received a message from someone who has been struggling with this very issue. Despite speaking to guys on the app, things never seem to last more than a week and it's becoming quite stressful.

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Our experienced aunties will provide some guidance and suggestions on how to approach this issue and hopefully make things easier for you. Both of them have an impressive amount of knowledge about halal dating and Muzz.

Found Love On Muzz did actually tie the knot thanks to our app. How cool is that?! Meanwhile, Big Sis Jem is still in that halal dating phase on Muzz, and she's planning on sharing some advice with you all based on her own experiences. Stay tuned for that!

To receive advice, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected].

Dear Muzz,

So I have been trying to find a potential spouse for the past couple of years and it is really difficult. I speak to guys on the app, but it never seems to last more than a week, either I lose interest or the guy does. It’s becoming really stressful and draining! The guys I seem to attract are usually after one thing. I don’t know if it’s me, and if I need to change my approach. Please help!


Big Sis Jem Replies:

Hey sis, we know this process is so long but I promise when you find the one, it will be worthwhile.

If the guys you’re talking to are after one thing, how about setting your intentions straight from the get go. I would say the first couple of messages like the" hi, how are you?, what you do?"...and just put it in there somewhere e.g. "just to let you know I’m only here to get to know someone seriously for marriage".

I did that, I made sure my intentions were clear from the beginning, because ultimately I do not want my time wasted at all. Your time is precious, so don’t spend it on trash x

Found Love On Muzz Replies:

Hey girl!

First of all I completely agree with Big Sis Jem, making your intentions clear right from the start is super important. And if they are after only one thing- block and report them. Lets save other sisters from dealing with this too.

Next, we know how draining the journey to finding love can be, make sure you’re looking after yourself, and if you do feel mentally drained, it's ok to take a break. Maybe use this time to get to know yourself better, evaluate what you want and don’t want in a husband, but more importantly, get to know God. Focus on your deen and putting your trust in Allah, because trust me Allah has written someone amazing for you, you just need to trust in his timing and process.

In terms of your approach not working, if you feel that it hasn't been working, there's no harm in changing it up. It could be something as simple as changing your filters and widening your search to give more people a chance.

Just remember to stay patient, we know it's hard but you got this!

Good luck x

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