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Dear Muzz: I Hate My Fiancés Mum!

May 16, 2023

For the past few months you have been receiving advice from our amazing agony aunties, but we have decided to switch things up and let our success couples answer some of your questions! For the next few weeks we have Muzz success couple Nafeesah and Ismail answering all of your burning questions.

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Disclaimer: Their responses are just their opinions, so follow it at your own risk!

Dear Muzz,

OK so I’ll just get straight to the point. I hate my Fiance’s mum. She is a horrible person- she’s actually a bully. I don’t wear a heascarf but I am still praciting Alhumdillallah, but she constantly makes comments about how I’m a “fake Muslim” and my whole family are “Kuthar” and honestly makes me feel awful. I don’t want to go into too much detail (incase they ever see this), but I just can’t imagine having her as my future mother in law, I really can’t. I do love my fiance, but I feel like he’s a coward when it comes to his mother, he never defends me or takes my side. Honestly, I do think about ending this relationship because I just can’t imagine someone this cruel being the grandmother to my future children. Any advice?

Nafeesah Responds:

Dear member,

That is a difficult situation to be in, understandably. I would recommend that you come out to your husband about how you are feeling! This will help you both to feel a lot better. And actually, he may not realise or see how your mother in law is making you feel.

Communication is the key and it one of the biggest things which breaks relationships. Thereafter, if he sees nothing wrong in his mother's behaviour, it gives you more of a reason to end things! At least give him the opportunity to be there for you more, I would say.

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