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Are They Into Me, Or Are They Bored?

August 8, 2022

You’ve matched with someone. The conversation is flowing, and you've really hit it off...but there’s still this one lingering thought in the back of your mind that you just can't seem to shake off.

“Do they really like me, or are they just talking to me because they’re bored?”

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Unfortunately, we have all been there. Though online dating is a great way to get to know people you would normally never encounter, it does have its pitfalls. Like the fact that certain people are really just there for 'fun'. They’ll fool you into thinking they’re looking for something serious, but they're not.

“How can I avoid this?”

We hear you cry!

Well not to worry, we've all been there and have a bit of wisdom we'd like to pass on. Here are 5 signs to look out for, to make sure you are not just someone’s form of entertainment:

1) They take ages to text you back

Okay, so everyone gets busy from time to time, that’s normal and expected. In fact, it’s pretty unfair to expect someone to reply to you every minute of the day. But there is a limit. Not texting back for hours on end, or even days, is not a great sign.

If a person is genuinely interested you, they should want to talk to you. They should want to make time for you, rather than just text you back when it’s convenient for them. We’re living in a digital age where our phones are constantly on us, so if they’re taking days to reply…well I hate to break it to you, but it seems like they’re not that into you.

2) They refuse to video call, or even voice call

This is a red flag!

Now that Muzz has introduced Video Calling into the app, there really shouldn’t be any excuse to avoid this. Of course, some individuals are camera shy, but there is still always the option of a regular voice call. If they’re interested in you and want to get serious, they’ll want to learn more about you, and it is so much easier to learn about someone through a phone call rather than text. So much information can be decoded from just the voice alone!

3) They keep the relationship virtual

There is nothing worse than a never ending talking stage. You've been talking for months already, you've exchanged phone calls, video calls and you know so much about this person, and know that you definielty like them. But when it comes to meeting up, they’re just not interested. They may try to avoid the situation altogether, or always come up with an excuse. This, my friends, is a huge sign that they’re really not serious about you. To them, you are just another form of entertainment.

Sidenote: This applies for periods outside of lockdown

4) They disappear in the middle of a conversation-for days or weeks

Has this ever happened to you? You’re really getting on with the person you’ve matched with, the conversation is great and you could see yourself with them in the future…except they’ve stopped replying. You’re left thinking you’re being ghosted and wondering what went wrong? And then they reappear again… This is a clear sign that they’re not into you but are just messaging you for fun. Do better my kings and queens. Swipe right to the next person.

5) Your back is aching…from the pain of carrying the conversation

If you’re making all the effort in the conversation, constantly asking them how their day went and getting nothing in return…they’re not serious. There’s no other way it can be put (I mean they could be terrible texters, which you can resolve by talking on the phone). Save yourself from the back ache and time wasters, and move onto the next Muzz!

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