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7 Muzz Bios No One Wants To See On A Muslim Dating App!

August 8, 2022

So you’ve been on Muzz for a while now and you’re still not getting matches, or you feel like you’re not attracting the right people? Have you taken a look at your “about me” section? Because this really is the make or break part of your profile...the deciding factor of whether someone will want to give you a chance, or not. It’s also the most challenging.‌‌‌‌‌‌

In my time on Muzz I have come across some pretty bad bios that have instantly made me reject someone. I am here to help you all learn from their mistakes. Here are the types of bios you should definitely avoid- this for both the boys and the girls: ‌‌‌‌‌‌

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1) The long essays‌‌

Guys, I’ll be honest with you. No one has time to read an essay. Half the things you've said in your bio could literally come up in the conversation. My advice to you is save it for the conversation. Highlight the key points about yourself and what you’re looking for, but please, don’t write out a whole essay.‌‌‌‌‌‌

2) The vague ones‌‌

Just because we said no to essays, doesn’t give you an excuse to be vague. It is a pet peeve when someone says “like to travel” or “foodie”. I’m sure we all love travelling and food. Be more descriptive, where have you travelled to? What kinds of food do you love? Do you like to cook or just eat? Make a joke out of it, let your personality shine. ‌‌‌‌

3) The “yet to be completed” ones‌‌

How many times do we see profiles that say “New here, haven't finished completing this yet”? I mean it’s ok if you come back later to complete it, but a lot of the time, these profiles stay like this for weeks… come on, it only takes a minute to write some basic information about yourself! An incomplete profile suggests you’re not really series, and so of course you won’t be getting the number of matches you deserve!‌‌

Even worse are the profiles that say “not sure what to put here, just message me” followed by 50 different emojis. This just shows you're not willing to try and put in effort at all. Please people, limit your emoji usage and use your words!

4) The CV‌‌

You’ve listed your profession, skills, what you’re looking for. Great. But the only issue is, you’re not applying for a job!‌‌

I mean finding a life partner is just as important as finding a job, if not more, and the process is quite similar: you see the initial profile, decide whether or not you like the sound of them, have a few conversations, and then meet in person (the interview stage). ‌‌

However, you wouldn’t talk to them as you would to an employer would you? No. You need to let your personality shine in the bio, drop some humour, you don’t need to list your past relationship experience (please don’t!), just be yourself :)‌‌

5) The aggressive ones‌‌

How many times have you been on Muzz and come across “Don’t match me if you…..” That is the biggest mistake you could make. Right off the bat it gives off aggressive vibes and makes you sound entitled. You want to attract a match not scare them away!


6) The low self esteem ones‌‌

If your bio says “Sorry I know my bio is bad” or something along those lines... Go remove that right now! Your profile is meant to highlight your strengths, you don’t want to show your weaknesses or make yourself seem less desirable.. You are trying to SELL YOURSELF! ‌‌

7) The sob story ones‌‌

“Noone on this app wants me” or “been on this app for 2 years now and still single”. No one wants to hear that. That automatically makes you less desirable and means less people will give you a chance… they’ll especially be wondering why does no one want you? Is there something wrong?

It may sound harsh... but the truth hurts, we don't want to hear these sob stories. We want to know that you're fun and worth giving a chance to! Remember to always highlight your strengths and positive characteristics. ‌‌

And now, a little tip to help you with your bio: Ask a question! ‌‌

If you’ve searched how to write the ULTIMATE profile, I’m sure you’ve seen this come up so many times before. Because it’s a brilliant tip!

It can be so hard trying to come up with a starting line for a conversation, but by asking a question- literally any question, such as “Guess my favourite movie?” instead of saying “I like movies”, or “guess my favorite food” instead of “foodie"- it creates an opening, making it easier for your match to get to know you. ‌‌‌‌

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