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We’re Challenging You To A Bake Off

May 9, 2023

So we’re sure by now you’ve all heard that this Ramadan we are raising money to build a (pink) bakery in East Sudan (if not, go follow all our socials immediately!).

To make this possible, we need your help to reach our target of $150,000. That’s why we’re challenging you to a bake off!

We’ve already challenged some Muslim influencers including Chunkz, Sharky and Asma Elbadawi to bake some bread to raise awareness for our campaign…. With some interesting results. Now it’s your turn.

The Challenge

We know it’s Ramadan and we’re all a bit busy and tired, and baking bread may not be the best option for us all, that’s why we’ve made it so much easier for you guys! Rather than bake bread, all you have to do is:

1) Post a photo of your iftar with the hashtag #Muzziftar (on Instagram or TikTok)

2) Donate $3 to the charity using this link:

3) Nominate 3 friends to share their iftar as well

4) For every hashtag used, Muzz will match your donation towards building the bakery!

Here are the Terms and Conditions to take part:

  • Challenge ends on the 13th May at 12:00 am (Eid day)
  • Please note that we will only match you if
  • You’ve posted a photo of your iftar with the hashtag #Muzziftar
  • You’ve donated $3 to the charity using this link:
  • You’ve nominated 3 friends to share their iftar as well
  • Once we’ve reached our target of $150,000, we will stop matching any donations made.

The bakery will provide fresh baked goods and jobs to those in need including refugees, widows and orphans in the Um-Gargour refugee camp near Kassala City. 18,000 people will benefit from this initiative and inshAllah give them a better future.

Just like last Ramadan, Muzz are going to match ALL your donations on these last ten days of Ramadan.

This project is 100% Zakat eligible, so donate your Zakat this Ramadan to an amazing cause ❤️

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