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We Are Bringing You ANOTHER NEW Feature: Voice Notes!

September 23, 2020

Wait what?? Muzz are releasing ANOTHER NEW FEATURE?!

Yes guys. It’s true, our team has been working tirelessly to continuously bring you new features, with the pure intention of making your Muzz experience the best it could possibly be. You lucky, lucky people!  

Just a few weeks ago we released Pics & Gifs, then we released the new and improved ethnicity filters, and now… something that I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for: voice notes!

1) You can tell if someone is attracted to you just from their voice!

You can gather so much information just from someone’s voice, e.g. how they’re feeling, if they’re excited to talk to you, and…believe it or not, even if they’re attracted to you!

Scientific research finds that females are generally attracted to males with lower pitched (deeper) voices, while for males, it’s the opposite. They are attracted to females with higher pitched voices. Men and women can both change the pitches of their voice unknowingly to appear more attractive to the opposite gender. So… if you notice this through voice call, perhaps it’s an indicator that they’re attracted to you (or they could just naturally have a deep/high pitched voice)

2) A great pre-screening tool

Voice notes are a great and easy way to pre screen your match and see if they’re really worth investing your time and effort in. You can genuinely tell a lot from a person’s voice- and a voice note.

You can gather whether they’re chatty, confident, excited to talk to you etc. If you feel your personalities don’t match through voice notes, then you know not to invest as much energy into that person- but maybe consider a video call before completely ruling them out!

3) A way to see if your match is interested

Wondering whether your match is actually interested? Communicate through voice notes and see how much of your recording they listen to through their replies.
This not only shows if they’re a good listener or not, but will also indicate whether they like you and are willing to put in the effort to get to know you.

Their response will indicate whether they listened to the full recording, as if they did, they’ll reply with something relevant, while if they didn’t, their reply will most likely be nonsense- however, do bear in mind that they may be busy or in a public place and unable to listen to it right away. Also, no one likes a Reeaallllyyyy long voice note, try keeping them relatively short.

4) Be rid of those phone call phobias

Want to take things to the next level with your match, but not yet ready for a call? Infact, does the very thought of a call have you shaking and sweating with nerves?  Don’t worry, you’re not the only ones!

A voice note is the perfect solution. It allows you to build your confidence before getting onto a phone/video call. Through a voice note exchange you can get a real feel for your match’s voice, and get used to it. You can swap voice notes in your own time and pace, and it’ll show you that there’s nothing to fear from your match, slowly allowing you to build the confidence for a call.

5) It’s so much easier to send a voice note than text!

Sometimes you have a really juicy story or piece of information to share; it’s too long to text it all out, but you’re too busy for a phone call. Send a voice note! It’s so easy, and you can then reply when you get the time.

6) Hearing a heartwarming laugh rather than reading “lol”

How many of us are guilty of typing “LOL HAHA” with literally the straightest face ever?! I bet it’s all of us. With voice notes you don’t need to worry if your match actually finds you funny or not, as they can reply with actual laughter!!

Did you know that sharing a laugh is actually good for your health? That phrase “laughter is the best medicine” is more than true, as laughter can strengthen your immune system, and reduce both stress and pain! It also helps you connect better, so share a laugh with your match over some voice notes 🙂

7) Have your hands full?

Do you know about the pain of trying to send a text in the rain? Or even send a text while carrying shopping, or cooking? It’s probably one of the greatest challenges of life (#1st world problems). But do you know what the perfect solution is? Yup, you guessed it, voice notes!

Muzz has really tried to make finding that special someone as easy as possible with the release of this new feature. We really hope you enjoy using it, and keep an eye out for the next new feature 😉

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