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It's Hard Keeping it Halal on Valentines...

Valentine's Day is now over, and we can all calm down about whether it's haram or not. Although not all Muslims celebrate, and understandably so, we at Muzz still wanted to celebrate and promote L - O

Update: Why our app went down yesterday

Salaam, My name is Shaz, I’m the Founder of Muzz. I wanted to personally update you on why our app was down yesterday. Firstly, I want to reassure you that your data WAS NOT compromised and no external

Eid Mubarak 🤍 You raised $314k for Palestine! 🇵🇸

This Ramadan, we partnered with MAP - Medical Aid for Palestinians and set out to raise $250,000 to build two pink mobile clinics in Palestine. Our original goal was to raise $250k. We were so blown away

Singles Giveaway - 8 Lucky Singles Win $100 each!

You asked for it, and we delivered. Remember our last giveaway? Many of you messaged us saying you'd like to participate and haven't found your ideal partner yet so we thought to ourselves, 5 million single

Don’t be THAT guy on Muzz!

“Dear brothers and sisters, actually no. This article is specifically targeted at brothers. Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah. Please note, this piece of advice is written with sincere honesty and concern,

We "Knead" Your Help To Build A Muzz Bakery!

At Muzz, we love a good challenge, but more than that, we love to build and uplift our community. We’ve built marriages, we’ve built schools… Now it’s time to cook up something new. We have partnered

With Love, From Shaz

Salaam, it’s Shahzad here - founder of Muzz. It is safe to say Allah really threw us all a huge test this year. He tested our faith, our reliance on Him and our need to realise just how fragile our world

Serious about getting married? Then don’t miss this opportunity to BOOST your chances!

Sometimes being on a marriage app trying to find your future spouse can feel like you’re waiting in a long queue of potentials, trying to get noticed and picked out of all the other people on the app...

These 4 Features Are The Future Of Muslim Dating And Marriage

2020 has been one rollercoaster of a year; with a pandemic placing us all under a lockdown, it’s been hard to communicate with friends and family, and especially people we’re trying to get to know for

Build A Deeper Connection With All New Video Notes!

Frozen screens, the “whose internet is worse?” debates, and let's not forget the family members walking in and out constantly… Aaah the beauty of video calls. Sometimes, we just don’t want a video call,

We Are Bringing You ANOTHER NEW Feature: Voice Notes!

Wait what?? Muzz are releasing ANOTHER NEW FEATURE?! Yes guys. It’s true, our team has been working tirelessly to continuously bring you new features, with the pure intention of making your Muzz experience

8 Relatable Muzz GIFs

We know, we know, Muzz is already pretty great. “How could it get any better?” we hear you wonder, well there is one simple answer: PICS + GIFS!!! Yup, that’s right, Muzz are now letting you send Pics

Guess Who Just Hit 3 MILLION Members?!

That’s right, Muzz did! Within just 6 months of reaching 2 million! The last 6 months have certainly been challenging, with Covid 19 completely turning our world upside down, not to mention all the other

Introducing Video Calling - Take Things to the Next Level with a Video Date on Muzz

Okay, so you’re chatting with someone on Muzz, sparks are flying, you two have a really good vibe in your messages, but you want to take it to the next level. What do you do? It goes without saying that

Ask Muzz: How to Add Photos

Have questions about how to use Muzz? This series will tell you everything you need to know about using Muzz to make empowered connections. Your dating app profile is so important to having success on

Challenging Times. A message from Muzz.

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful It’s safe to say that we find ourselves in uncharted waters. COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it and we must do our part to get back

Muzz Invites the World to #SayItSis on International Women's Day

In honour of this year's International Women’s Day theme, 'Each For Equal', we are exploring the significance of gender equality in the Muslim community today. #SayItSis is a place to clap back and speak

Thanks a (Two) Million to Everyone on Muzz!

More thank 2 million people from all over the world are now using Muzz to help them find their Muslim partner! What a way to start the new year. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported

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