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The Muzz School is Open!

August 24, 2023

The Muzz community donated over $166,000 to make this project possible. We promised you regular updates, and we always keep our word here at Muzz!July 2022 – Final Update

Alhamdulillah, the Muzz (pink) school is now open!  Thanks to your generosity, and the great work from the Read Foundation, we now have a school with 12 classrooms to educate 240 happy children!

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January 2022 Update

Exciting news! The team from Read Foundation recently visited our pink school to do the final checks before they can hand it over to local authorities. And wow, does the school look amazing!

October 2021 Update

As you can see, the grand opening of the school is rapidly approaching inshallah. There’s just the final paintwork and other small fixtures left till the school is complete.

This past month, the team in Deri Whattan have been focusing on the sanitary and floor fixtures.

Plumbing work is also in progress to ensure there is clean running water for the toilets.

With just a few more months till the school is completed and handed over, here’s what’s left to do:

Next month the team will be finalizing the floor fixtures

And then in December, our favourite final touch will be carried out: the school will be getting painted!

Inshallah by January the school will be handed over and ready for students to start attending.

Make sure to check back in next month to see the schoolwork come to a close!

Your September 2021 Update:

Guess what? There are only 2 more months left until the Muzz school is completely finished Inshallah!

In the past month, the team down in Dherri Wattan has been finalising the internal and external plastering:

Within the next 2 months, the team will be working on the final and very vital touches, such as sanitary fixtures for the toilets, electrical fixtures, and of course, making the school look beautiful with some paintwork.

We really can’t quite believe that in just 2 months this school will be finished, and students will begin the journey of getting an education that could help change their lives 😍

As always we have to take this moment to thank you, as this would never have been possible without your generosity!

Your August 2021 Update:

This past month the team in Deri Whattan has been focusing on perfecting the external plaster of the school, as you can see in the images below.

The pace of work throughout this month was slowed down due to 6 days of monsoon rain, but the school is still coming along nicely Mashallah.

Next month the team will continue with the external plastering until it’s completed, as well as working on the boundary wall.

We’re so close to it being complete! Make sure to check in next month – maybe for the last time?? 👀

Your July 2021 Update: It’s looking like a school!

This is your reminder of how we got to the stage we’re at today, Alhamdulillah💖

This July we were left in awe as the latest updates of the Muzz school came in… SubhanAllah look at how amazing it looks:

We just need to take a moment to appreciate that this is all down to your generosity, we really are so grateful for all your help in making this possible!  

So what’s been happening this month?

The team in Dherri Wattan have been continuing with the masonry works and  plastering of  the first floor

They also need to continue plastering on the outside of the building, so that the building is completely safe and sturdy before they can begin work on the sanitisation fixtures of the toilets

By January 2022, the work should be complete and the Muzz school should have its first students ready to start their journey in this new school Inshallah!

Join us at the end of next month for the next Muzz school update.

Your June 2021 Update: The Muzz school is a two-story building!

The last time we updated you on the progress of the school was back in April. You won’t believe the transformation it’s had since then…

There are now two solid floors and the school is looking almost ready to go!

So what exactly has happened in the past month?

The team had started work on the mumty floor. Wondering what this is? Well, it basically means a “stair cover”- it’s a structure that covers the staircase, providing protection from the weather. This is super important as it ensures the staircase won’t collapse if there are any issues with the weather.

Meanwhile, shuttering works on the first floor have begun- this means building up the structure using cement. As you can see the structure of the school is looking a lot more solid and built up.

Although the progress looks amazing, the work was actually slowed down for a few reasons. First of all, it rained for two days in the month, and this slightly affected the pace of the external work. Construction was also put on hold due to Eid ul Fitr holiday and the COVID-19 lockdown. Despite this, we’re so pleased with the progress mashallah.

Within the next months, we expect to see the finishing touches being put to the school, such as internal and external plastering, as well as electrical fixtures.

Tune in next month for the next update!

Your April 2021 Update: The Ground floor is officially complete, Mashallah!

Just last Ramadan you helped us raise the money to make this happen, and now a year on we’re so happy to show you the complete ground floor!

The construction team in Kashmir, Pakistan is now working on building the first floor.

Work is being done on the roof of the ground building, like curing and cementing, to create a stable floor for the top level of the school building.

There’s not long left until children will be able to reap the rewards of all of our efforts Inshallah!

So what’s happening this Ramadan?

If you’ve been following us on our socials then you know we love a good Ramadan challenge, and this year is no different. This Ramadan we ‘knead’ your help again, to raise $150,000 to build a bakery in East Sudan.

This bakery will provide jobs and fresh bread for refugees, widows and orphans in East Sudan.

Why a bakery?

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Feed the hungry, visit the sick, and set free the captives.” Sahih al-Bukhari 5649

To understand why we’re building this bakery and what we’re hoping to achieve, watch this video below:

So far we have raised over $20,000 Alhamdulillah. But we still have some way to go before reaching our target!

Please do a good deed this Ramadan and donate as much or as little as you can. Any amount helps! Just a reminder that this is 100% zakat eligible.

Tap this link to help us build a bakery:

February 2021 Update: The Ground Floor Is In Construction!

It’s all starting to take shape 😍

This month some exciting changes have been made to the school building – we now have walls!

After months of working on strengthening the foundations to ensure they can carry the weight of the school, we are so pleased to see that the ground floor of the school is in construction.

It’s coming up to a year now since last Ramadan, which is when we asked you all to help us build this Muzz school. In just a short amount of time, we’ve been able to make some amazing progress on the school, despite all the challenges we’ve faced (mainly the pandemic) Alhamdullillah. Soon enough we’ll be changing the lives of children together ❤️

Insh’allah Allah will allow us to see the next Ramadan, and allow us to help change lives in a different way this year, Ameen.

Join us in a months’ time for the next school update, and stay tuned to hear more about our next Ramadan charity project

January 2021 Update: The foundations are being strengthened

The focus of the past month has been on backfilling the foundations. This is a crucial step and it involves replacing the soil that had been removed during excavations, to strengthen the foundations.

It may feel like not much has changed since last month, but these changes make all the difference to the safety of the building. It ensures the weight of the school can be carried, so that the school is a safe place for students and will last for years to come.

Next month we expect to see some exciting changes to the school. We’ll be moving on from the foundations Insh’Allah and will begin work on the school building from above the ground! The formation of the school will really start to take off as the bricks will be laid up to the lintel beams (a structure that is placed across doors and windows). Join us next month to see this and more.

December 2020 Update: The Bricks Are Being Laid

In November we showed you that the construction of our Muzz school had finally begun, with the foundations being built in (scroll down to find out more). Throughout December more work was done on the foundations, with bricks being laid to strengthen and shape the foundations.

You can really see the school starting to take shape!

Progress was a little slow this month due to some heavy rain, however, the team kept going and the construction is on schedule Alhamdulillah.

Join us next month to see the next steps in the formation of the Muzz school!

November 2020 Update: Let the construction Begin!

We matched your donations last year and raised a total of $166,000 to build a school for needy children.  We promised you updates on our school project in Pakistan.  Here it is! The foundations for our new Muzz school are being built.

Alhamdulillah we are pleased to announce that the process of building the school has begun. So far, we have begun laying out the foundations on which the school will be built upon. This is a very crucial stage as it ensures the weight of the school building will be safely distributed, preventing any issues in the future Insh’Allah.

It’s really happening, and it’s all thanks to your generosity! As a reminder, this is what the school is expected to look like once complete:

Why is Muzz building a school?

Over the years, Muzz has been involved in many small-scale charities, however back in Ramadan this year we decided to embark on something much bigger. Something that will continue to improve the lives of others for many years to come Insh’Allah. We decided to partner up with the READ Foundation – a charity that specialises in sustainable and emergency education – and build a school from scratch for needy children in Bhimber, Pakistan. Giving thousands of children a chance at having an education.

It’s been quite a few months since this has all happened, so here’s a quick recap of what we did, and why we did it:

At the start of Ramadan, we launched our fundraising campaign for the Muzz school. Using a novel approach, we built an in-app donation screen, so that our members could both find a spouse and give Zakat during the month of Ramadan.

Muzz matched your donations!

In the last 10 days of Ramadan (the holiest period) we also introduced “Muzzes”, where we as a company matched all of your donations. With a target of raising $100,000, we expected it to take about a year, but together as a community, we managed to smash it and raise $166,000 in less than 30 days!

Why build a school?

Building a school is so special to us as it’s a well-known fact that a basic education can completely change someone’s life. In fact, a study found that just one extra school year can increase an individual’s income by 10%.  By giving these children basic reading skills, there’s a chance we can give them a much brighter future, Insh’Allah.

So what’s happening now?

Quite a few months have passed since we raised the money, and we’re sure you’re eager to find out what’s been happening with the school since then. We promised you right from the start that we aim to be 100% transparent with you, and to keep you updated on the progress we make with this school. We want you to  see first hand what your generous donations are going towards.

At the end of each month we aim to update you on the progress our school is making, so you can follow the journey to completion Insh’Allah.

Make sure to check back in at the end of next month for the next update!

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