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How to calculate your Zakat? ☪️

April 4, 2023

The importance of Zakat ☪️

It is that time of year! Ramadan is around the corner, and as we prepare to increase our good deeds, prayers and duas, we must also get into our finances and calculate/pay our yearly Zakat.

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Zakat is the third pillar of Islam and an essential part of our faith. It’s a way to purify our wealth and show compassion for the less fortunate. As young Muslims, looking to start our own families insha’Allah, we are responsible for contributing to the betterment of our community, and Zakat is a way to fulfil that obligation.

But what does Zakat have to do with marriage? 💍

Well, marriage is half the deen, and it’s also a means of fulfilling our obligation to contribute to the betterment of society. Marriage is a bond between two individuals and a union of two families and a community. By contributing to the improvement of society through Zakat, we build a life of service to our community, which can ultimately lead to finding our other half.

Calculate your Zakat 🔢

Finding your other half or figuring out how much Zakat you owe is difficult. You can feel “a-maize-d” by the work you put in (shoutout to all the future dads getting into their dad joke era. We see you, and we love you).

Muzz is your perfect partner in crime when looking for your spouse. And today, to calculate your Zakat, we have just the right tool for you! Go straight to the Swiss Zakat Foundation website, calculate and pay your Zakat in just a few clicks. It’s your new best friend if you will.

👉 Calculate your Zakat now

Paying your Zakat in your community, rather than sending the money to other countries, makes all the difference – it gives power to the Muslims of your area, helps the less fortunate that are often disregarded, helps the students in need, and much more. Overall, it builds tomorrow’s society, giving your future children a better environment.

Paying Zakat is an obligation for Muslims to show love and compassion to those in need. Love is more than words; it’s actions that make love real. The act of giving Zakat is an expression of love that helps to strengthen the bonds of the community.

As we approach Ramadan, we urge you to use the Zakat calculator and pay your Zakat. By doing so, you’re fulfilling your obligation as a Muslim and contributing to the betterment of society.

Let’s build a better community for ourselves and those around us, and who knows, maybe we’ll find our other half along the way insha’Allah!

Where does the Zakat go?💰

Eight types of people can receive Zakat according to the Holy Quran (9:60, 17:26):

1. Miskin: This refers to the very poor including people who can’t afford food, clothing or shelter.

2. Fuqara: Those who have less wealth than the Nisab level.

3. Aamileen: The Zakat collectors can be paid for their work from Zakat funds.

4. Muallafatul Quloob: The poor who need Zakat to strengthen their hearts.

5. Ar-Riqaab: Slaves that need to be freed, some modern interpretations include helping those out of human trafficking.

6. Ibnus-Sabeel: A traveller who is stranded can benefit from Zakat.

7. Al Ghaarimeen: People whose debt is greater than their assets, so if the debt was paid off, their remaining wealth would be below the Nisab level.

8. Fi Sabeelillah: People that are on the path of Allah and are in need (e.g. people on Hajj).

👉 Calculate your Zakat now! 

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