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Halal Romantic Restaurants Around The World

August 8, 2022

With Valentine’s Day just a few short days away, the search for the most romantic halal restaurant booking has started. Whether you are looking for somewhere near home or under the sea, somewhere cozy or in the middle of the desert, finding a halal option to blow your date’s mind has become so easy. Here are some of the most romantic halal restaurants around the world for inspiration and to get you started.


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Boasting an apple blossom adorned ceiling, large crackling fire pit, and a carefully curated French menu, it is no wonder that Clos Maggiore in London is touted as one of the most romantic restaurants in the world. Booking is highly advisable !

The halal: Only chicken is halal and must be requested when booking.


Amongst the numerous halal carts in Manhattan, Naya restaurant comes as a breath of fresh air, serving contemporary Lebanese dishes with not a takeaway foil container in sight! Naya is the typical date night in New York establishment: chic, lively, and very, very trendy.

The halal: All meats are halal.


A plane ticket purchase may not be necessary for those of you who live in Toronto when you have Byblos on your doorstep. The food at Byblos can only be described as ‘Middleterranean’; a mix of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, with influences from the Morocco trickling in too, and this is certainly reflected in the exotic ambiance of the place.

The halal: Only the lamb is halal.


Score some serious brownie points by not only booking a trip to India, but also snagging a table at one of the most beautiful settings in the country, Sheesh Mahal. Found at the picturesque Leela Palace in Udaipur, the open air restaurant has stunning views of the lake Pichola as well as serving delicious traditional dishes. A private table can be organised in advance.

The halal: all meats are halal


Known as a popular romantic spot to pop the question, Singapore’s Halia restaurant is situated in a charming and lush botanic garden. The eclectic menu is a mix of Asian and European influenced dishes, using ingredients grown in their garden.

The halal: All meats are halal.


Combine the city of love with the finest halal French gastronomy, and you’ll find Le Crystal Paris. It is a fairly unassuming place but the intimacy and coziness of Le Crystal, plus the incredibly alluring and insurgent food really makes it one of the most halal and romantic restaurants in the world. Perfect for you foodies out there.

The halal: All meats are halal.


Famous for its postcard-worthy surroundings, The Rock restaurant in Zanzibar can be found amongst the crystal clear sea water and can be accessed via boat (or foot during low tide). It is definitely one to tick off the bucket list together but be warned, the place is extremely small, fitting up to 20 people only, so booking is essential!

The halal: All meats are halal


You’ve had dining on the water, but how about dining under water at Ithaa in the stunning Conrad Maldives. Having dinner whilst watching the vibrant marine life swim past your table is a date that will certainly take your breaths away (not literally, thanks to the oxygen controlled chamber!)

The halal: all meats are halal


Romantic is an understatement when it comes to dining under the star-studded sky at Scarabeo camp in the Moroccan desert. You will be served a typical Berber affair of freshly stewed tagines, like the mouth-melting beef with sweet prunes or an incredibly aromatic chicken and lemon tagine, whilst sipping on hot mint tea. Be sure to star gaze by the roaring fire pit afterwards.

The halal: all the meats are halal

Please do double check the halal status of the restaurants above before you visit as the suppliers may change.

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