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What to expect at an African wedding as a first-time guest

October 30, 2023

Muslim African weddings are a beautiful celebration of love, culture, and unity, reflecting the rich heritage and traditions of Africa. 

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From the pre-marital rituals that symbolize respect and formality to the lively entertainment and music that set the dance floor on fire, every aspect of these weddings is infused with the essence of African culture. 

In today’s post, we will explore the unique customs, traditions, and cultural richness that make a Muslim African wedding a truly unforgettable experience.

If you’re preparing to attend an African wedding or you’re just curious about its traditions, we’ve got you covered. Read this post. 

Table of Contents:

What are the traditions of a Muslim wedding in Africa?

What’s the ‘knocking on the door’ tradition in a Muslim African Wedding?

How to dress for a Muslim African Wedding?

Entertainment and dancing

What dishes are served at a Muslim African wedding?


What are the traditions of a Muslim wedding in Africa?

Muslim weddings in Africa are rich in cultural traditions and religious practices. As Africa is a diverse continent with a variety of cultures and ethnicities, the specific traditions of Muslim weddings can vary from one region or community to another. 

However, some common traditions are prevalent in many Muslim weddings across Africa.

Here are some of them:

Pre-wedding Celebrations

Muslim weddings in Africa are all about pre-wedding parties and get-togethers. They go on for days, filled with singing, dancing, and yummy food. Everyone’s there to celebrate the couple’s love!

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Henna Night (Mehndi)

The bride and her female friends and family get their hands and feet tattooed with beautiful henna designs. It’s a cool tradition shared with other cultures, and it brings good luck and beauty to the bride.

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African wedding - traditions

Mahr (Dowry)

The groom shows his love and commitment by giving the bride a special gift called the Mahr. It’s a sweet gesture to support and care for his future wife. The gift can be unique, depending on what they agree upon.

Bridal Preparations

Before the big day, the bride gets some special treatment. She gets pampered with traditional beauty stuff, gets her henna done, and dresses up like a queen in stunning wedding attire. It’s all about making her look extra fabulous!

Nikah (Marriage Contract)

Nikah is the heart of a Muslim wedding in Africa. It’s a formal agreement between the bride and the groom to be together forever. Witnessed by others, they both say “Qabul” (I accept) to tie the knot!

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Religious Ceremonies

We can’t forget the religious part! Islamic customs and prayers play a big role in these weddings. Quranic verses are read, and everyone prays for the couple’s happiness and blessings in their new life together.

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Walima (Wedding Reception)

Now that they’re officially married, the groom’s family throws a super joyful party called the Walima. Family, friends, and the whole community join in to celebrate the newlyweds. 

Community Involvement

Guess what? Everybody’s involved in the wedding! Family, friends, neighbours, and the entire community help out and take part in the celebrations. It’s all about sharing the love and joy!

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Festive Attire

Clothing at African Muslim weddings can be quite diverse, depending on the country and cultural traditions. So, when it comes to the bride and groom, as well as their families, they often go for outfits that represent their cultural roots. 

This means you could witness a bride looking absolutely gorgeous in a wedding dress or wearing something traditional from her community. As for the groom, he might go for a classic sherwani, kaftan, or other outfits that are culturally meaningful. 

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This mix of attire adds a lot of charm and uniqueness to each Muslim wedding in Africa. It’s like a beautiful showcase of the rich tapestry of African cultures and traditions.

Joyous Procession

In some African communities, the groom leads a super fun procession to the wedding venue. With family and friends, they dance, sing, and celebrate together. 

What’s the ‘knocking on the door’ tradition in a Muslim African Wedding?

Have you ever heard about the “knocking on the door” pre-wedding tradition in an African wedding?

Here’s how it goes down:

Groom’s Family Visit

First, representatives from the groom’s family, along with respected community elders, head over to the bride’s family home. 

Formal Request

The purpose of this visit is to make a formal request for the bride’s hand in marriage. 

Presentation of Gifts

The groom’s family comes bearing gifts! It’s a way to show goodwill and respect to the bride’s family. They might bring kola nuts, fruits, drinks, traditional clothing, money, or other precious stuff.

African wedding - engagement


After the request and gift-giving, there’s some negotiation time. Both families sit down and talk about the marriage terms. Things like the dowry (mahr), the wedding date, and other important details. All done with love and understanding!

Acceptance or Decline

Now comes the exciting part: the bride’s family considers the proposal and everything that’s been discussed. If they’re all good with it, the wedding plans move ahead. But if there are any issues, they talk it out and find a solution.

Blessings and Prayers

And of course, blessings and prayers are showered on the couple throughout this process. 

The knocking-on-the-door tradition which is celebrated in West African countries and some parts of North Africa is pretty special as it shows respect and formality in seeking the bride’s hand. It brings both families together and makes the bond even stronger.

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One more thing: you should know that this tradition might be a bit different in various Muslim African communities. Each community has its own unique customs, making African weddings a colourful tapestry of traditions!

How to dress for a Muslim African Wedding?

If you’d like to attend a Muslim African wedding and you don’t know what you should dress, we’ve got you covered. 

Choose Traditional Outfits

First things first, opt for some stunning traditional African attire. It’s all about embracing the rich culture and heritage of Africa, right?

African Prints and Colors

Go for those bold and beautiful African prints! Mix and match colours like red, green, blue, or any vibrant shade that makes you shine!

Modesty Matters

Remember, we want to dress modestly to respect our faith. So, ladies, go for elegant dresses that cover your arms and legs. And guys, choose traditional outfits that look sharp yet modest.

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Hijab Styles

Ladies, if you wear a hijab, experiment with different styles that complement your outfit. Be creative and showcase your personal flair!

Comfort is Key

You’ll be dancing, celebrating, and having a blast, so choose outfits that are comfy to move around in. No one wants to feel restricted on the dance floor, right?

African wedding - attire

Accessorize with Culture

Add some African flair with accessories like beaded jewelry, headwraps, or traditional hats. Let your style speak volumes!


Ladies, consider flats or low heels if you plan to dance the night away. And guys, go for stylish shoes that match your outfit. 

Dress for the Weather

Check the weather before the big day. If it’s hot, lightweight and breathable fabrics will keep you cool. If it’s cooler, layer up with some cosy pieces.

Dress up the kids

If you’re bringing the little ones, dress them up in adorable African-inspired outfits. 

Entertainment and dancing

African wedding - music

At a Muslim African wedding, the entertainment and music create an atmosphere of pure joy and celebration. Guests can look forward to an array of vibrant and culturally rich performances that reflect the diversity of Africa’s traditions. 

Traditional dances steal the show with their captivating moves and colourful costumes, showcasing the beauty of various African cultures. These dances bring people together, encouraging everyone to join in the festivities and celebrate the love of the newlyweds.

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Live African music is another highlight of the wedding, enchanting everyone with soulful melodies and rhythmic beats. Talented musicians play traditional instruments like drums, flutes, and string instruments, filling the air with a harmonious symphony. 

In addition to the lively performances and music, guests can enjoy delightful cultural shows and skits. Talented family members and friends may surprise everyone with entertaining acts, showcasing their creativity and humour. 

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Please note that in some regions, particularly those influenced by a more traditional Islamic or Arabic approach, weddings may adhere to a more conservative stance with minimal or no music, often taking place in a mosque or in a more solemn and religious setting.

What dishes are served at a Muslim African wedding?

African wedding - dishes

Get ready to savour the mouthwatering dishes if you’re going to attend a Muslim African wedding. 

African Cuisine

At the wedding, you’ll be treated to a delectable spread of diverse African dishes, each bursting with unique flavours and spices.

Rice Delights

Flavorful rice dishes like Jollof rice or aromatic Biryani will be served. The tender grains are infused with rich sauces and complemented by tender meats.

Savoury Grills

You’ll enjoy juicy and succulent grilled meats, such as spicy suya or flavorful chicken peri-peri. The grill marks add a delicious touch!

Delicious Stews

Savour hearty stews like tender meat in aromatic sauces, along with veggies that’ll have you coming back for more.

Vegetable Temptations

For vegetarians, there are delightful options like vegetable tagine or spicy lentil dishes, filled with goodness and flavour.

Bread and Dips

You’ll taste the warm and fluffy bread, like chapati or naan, paired with tasty dips and chutneys. Each bite is a burst of savoury goodness!

Sweet Treats

Save room for dessert! Delight in treats like baklava, kheer, or spiced cakes that’ll satisfy your sweet cravings.

Refreshing Sips

Refreshing drinks like hibiscus tea, ginger-infused beverages, or tropical fruit juices will also be served. 

Special Surprises

Depending on the region and culture, you might enjoy unique delicacies like couscous, fufu, injera, or dodo. Each dish is a special surprise!


In conclusion, Muslim African weddings are a beautiful celebration of love, culture, and unity. From the pre-marital rituals to the vibrant traditions and the mouthwatering dishes served, every aspect of these weddings is infused with rich African heritage and religious significance. 

Attending a Muslim African wedding is a feast for the senses, with the colorful decorations, traditional dances, and soulful music leaving a lasting impression. 

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