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A Muslim Love Story – Bridging Differences to Make a Marriage

“Tell him I miss him,” said my usually stoic dad as his fingers sheepishly drummed the steering wheel. Somewhat surprised, I repeated to my husband, “Babe, Papa is saying he misses you. We ate his biryani

'Divorced and Proud': How Arab Women Beat Social Stigma and Start a New Life

Divorced Arab women open up about their experiences and their refusal to give up, despite facing discrimination from their communities Fatima al-Khulaidi got married to her husband at the age of 15 while

It’s Not Easy Being a Female Divorcee, Especially in Pakistan

I happened to have an incredibly appalling conversation with a male friend the other day. It pretty much went like this: “Hey did you end up finding a girl for yourself?” “Yeah, I did, but I ended up rejecting the proposal. She was divorced and seemed quite sharp.” But, to my surprise, his response didn’t really shock me. Even so, his comments still ring in my head. I was amazed at how an educated and sensible man like him could pass such a judgement. Unfortunately, we’ve been moulded to think divorced women are off limits. They just don’t stand a chance in the ‘marriage market’ we’re all so well acquainted with.

British Asian Women On Mental Health And Marriage

Last month, Shaima*, a 32 year-old accountant from Leeds, attended her cousin’s wedding. It was a standard Asian affair: a rented community hall filled with women in brightly coloured Kameezes and mounds

We Have a Serious Marriage Crisis

There is a marriage crisis amongst Muslims and I think that is putting it lightly. I am even having trouble trying to put my feelings on this matter into words because I am at a loss of where to start.

Marriage Education is a Must for Single and Engaged Muslims

Being a spouse and a parent are among the most important jobs you’ll ever have. Marriage education, premarital advisement and counseling can help singles and engaged people obtain the knowledge and skills

A Muslimah’s Divorce Dilemma

DIVORCE. It’s another one of those topics people don’t like to discuss. Specially if you are a Muslim and even more so if you are an Asian.But like other taboo issues, not talking about it doesn’t mean “Your wives are a garment for you, and you are a garment for them.” (Al Quran, 2:187) We all know this verse from the Quran. Every person I know cites it to elaborate and make emphasis on the importance of a spouse and their duties to each other.

The Gendered Way We’ve Learned to Ask Questions is Terrible for Both Men and Women

“Thank god you picked up,” I whispered to my best friend. I was huddled in the sticky, single-stall bathroom of an Asian fusion restaurant in Washington, DC, just one closed door away from the dating equivalent

Beware of the Marriage Bandits

Muslim communities around the world face many challenges, from within as well as from external sources. Certain issues, such as poverty and substance abuse, are widespread amongst all races and religions.

Are We All Cut From The Same Cloth? Why Am I Not Married?

I have noticed the rise in articles, social media comments and blog posts categorising the ever-increasing number of single women over 28. Its seems that women are stereotyping women, telling us how women

Khadijah & Muhammad: The Story of Love & Faith

Khadijah bint Khuwaylid – her very name evokes an image of strong, dignified femininity, of refined prestige and quiet power. She is remembered as a woman of strength, of compassion, of faith; the woman

Dear Asian community – It’s time to discuss the F-word

Let’s be honest my friends, many in our community will think nothing of a 45 year old man pursuing and, in some cases, successfully capturing the attention of a 22 year old woman. The lucky suitor will

10 Practical Ways to Make the Most of Laylatul Qadr

The Night of Destiny (Laylatul Qadr) signifies the night on which the Holy Qur’an was revealed. According to some commentators, it is also the night on which the fate of every believer is decreed for the “Surely We revealed it on the Grand Night. And what will make you comprehend what the Grand Night is? The Grand Night is better than a thousand months. The angels and the Spirit descend in it by the permission of their Lord for every affair, Peace! it is till the break of the morning.” The Holy Qur’an 97:5 “Allah has favoured Friday over all other days, the month of Ramadhan over all other months, and the Night of Destiny (Laylatul Qadr) over all other nights.” Prophet Muhammad (saw), Muftahul Jannat, vol.3, p.265, Vol. 3

My Sunni-Shia Marriage isn’t easy – but not as Thorny as you’d think

I get mixed reactions when people find out that I, Hafsa, a British-born Indian from a practising Sunni family, is married to Ali, a British-born Pakistani from one of the most renowned Shia families in

I Married Someone Outside of My was an Education to say the Least!

A typical buzzword that appears everywhere relationships are mentioned – ranging from work relationships to intimate relationships – this one is always brandished about. In any intimate relationship, communication

The Ethics of Chivalry in Islam

In the literature discussing Futuwwa, which has been translated as Muslim chivalry, there is the story of a young man who was engaged to marry a particularly beautiful woman. Before the wedding day, his

We Have a Marriage Crisis

There is a marriage crisis amongst Muslims and I think that is putting it lightly. I am even having trouble trying to put my feelings on this matter into words because I am at a loss of where to start.

Would You Reject a Proposal From Khadijah?

To my fellow young brothers seeking marriage, ask yourself an honest question. If a sister were to offer you a proposal, and she was wealthier, more educated, and more accomplished than you, but older

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