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The Power of Sisterhood | #SayItSis

When it comes to acknowledging each other’s differences and fighting for equality, community plays an integral role in working towards a better world for everyone. Sisterhood is one that is widely acknowledged

Giving Back Voices to Forgotten Women | #SayItSis

In honour of this year’s International Women’s Day theme, #eachforequal, Muzz are exploring the significance of gender equality in the Muslim community today. Our charity partner for IWD 2020 is Forgotten

10 Muslim Jokes About Valentine's Day

It’s that controversial time of year again (no, not what day fasting starts) but Valentine’s Day! Here’s a roundup of the Muslim internet’s humorous, though cautionary, views on V-Day. 1. It’s a stress-free

What I've Learned From Halal Dating As A Divorcee

Written by Nailah Patten From a respected family, never been married and have no kids. SWIPE LEFT!

Debunking Desi Myths: It's never too late to get married

A series where we tackle the many myths that permeate within Muslim dominant cultures (mostly South Asian ones, but it's definitely not exclusive to this region). The thoughts and views in each article

8 Muslim Influencers You Should Be Following Right Now

From travel to health tips, Muslim influencers have taken the world by a storm. Although everyone's heard of the likes of many fashion and beauty influencers like Dina Tokio or Huda Kattan, other categories

5 Things You Can Do To Help Change Mental Health Stigmas

Each year, October 10th marks World Mental Health Day where people around the globe raise awareness for mental health to try and help those who are suffering. But one of the major barriers to helping are

10 Romantic Verses in The Holy Quran

Who says Islam and love don't go? Here's a list of some of the most romantic verses in the Quran: "And We created you in pairs" [78:8] "It is He who created you from one soul and created from it its mate

Modesty in Modern Muslim Beauty

By Jennifer Dawson Preparing for a date can end up being a stress inducing activity most of the time. Fixing up hair and makeup alone takes up nearly forty minutes of a woman's time on an average day.

Inspiration for Muslims Aged 50 And Above

Finding Love After Divorce ‘Grey divorce’ has come to be a catchphrase of the millennium, largely because in contrast to general divorce rates (which are declining), the divorce rate among people over

Self-Care Tips to Cheer You Up: Muslim Edition

When in doubt, pray: Forgive others (if you want). Don’t be hung up on anyone.

The Ultimate Journey

This is love. And so there are some who spend their whole lives seeking. Sometimes giving, sometimes taking. Sometimes chasing. But often, just waiting. They believe that love is a place that you get to:

Body Shaming and Online Dating

While the beauty, fashion and entertainment industries make big money on selling the newest standards of beauty and physical appeal, we as a society are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with our appearances.

From Sources You Could Never Imagine

There are some wonderful lessons that we can draw from this single verse in in the Qur’an – Surah Talaq, ayah 3 – relating to Tawakkal (trust in Allah) and Rida (contentment): “And He (Allah) will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allah will accomplish his purpose. Indeed Allah has set a measure for all things.” Key Lessons:

What Will People Think?

The journey of finding my wife and my best friend But what will people think… This was a notion my family always uttered. I was looking for a wife for some time. And I had come across quite a few potentials.

Closed Doors

Perhaps you were getting to know somebody, or pursuing a potential proposal – everything was in order, and you envisioned a life with this person, but it just didn’t work out. Perhaps you spent weeks revising


A Muslim couple in Indonesia had an unusual pre-wedding shoot and it was EPIC. Shashalita knew that Adindha was the obi-won for her. This shoot had us all with stars in our eyes.. Take a look! ????

Dealing with Family Stuff the Islamic Way

I can’t help but reflect on how we’d all wish to have the perfect family: every member of the family being God-conscious, parents fulfilling the rights of their children and vice-versa, harmony between

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