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Halal Dating in Islam

As long as the objective is to be married, dating in Islam is halal. By using our filters, you can narrow your search by sect, geography, age, level of prayer, and more.

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Dating in Islam

When we developed Muzz, our biggest obstacle was how to bring Islamic dating online, while also respecting the religious and cultural beliefs of our users from around the world. With over 8 million Muslim members and counting, 500,000 successful marriages along with advanced filter and privacy options, you are ready to find your Muslim partner.

Is Dating Allowed in Islam?

Dating in Islam is a topic that often sparks discussions and debates among Muslims. While the concept of dating, as understood in Western culture, may not have a direct counterpart in Islamic teachings, halal dating in Islam is permissible as long as it’s with the intention of marriage, and we know that because we’ve asked. There are guidelines and principles that govern relationships between men and women. Islam promotes modesty, piety, and the avoidance of any actions that may lead to immorality or sin.

How is Dating in Islam Halal?

The number one question we get asked (along with do we put cream or jam first on our scones) is whether or not dating can be Islamic. So we asked! Shaikh Faiyaz Jaffer, Associate Chaplain at the Islamic Center, NYU explains how dating in Islam is strictly linked to the intention of marriage:

“If we define it [dating] as the means by which we interact with someone from the opposite gender with the hope or aspiration to find marriage, then absolutely it is permissible” – Shaikh Fayaz Jaffer.

Muslim Beliefs on Dating

Muslim beliefs on dating vary among individuals and cultures, as interpretations of Islamic teachings can differ. However, there are some common principles and values that guide Muslim beliefs on dating. We are encouraged as Muslims to approach relationships with seriousness and a clear intention of marriage. This often involves involving families and seeking the advice of trusted individuals. Traditional methods, such as arranged marriages, are still practiced in some Muslim communities, where families play a significant role in finding suitable matches.

Finding The One

As finding a Muslim partner through traditional ways gets harder, we’ve made it easier on our halal dating app. Use our religious filters to filter by sect, location, age, prayer levels and more. All our members are selfie verified which means you’re talking to real people.

Enjoy complete privacy with blurred photos, use a nickname or even add a chaperone (also known as Wali) to your chats. Not ready to share your number yet? Video and voice call for free! Show off your personality with a video profile, or let your voice intro do the talking for you. Who says Islamic Dating has to be boring?!

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