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What does halal mean?

In a world of diverse cultural and religious practices, the term "halal" holds significant meaning, particularly within our Islamic faith. Originating from Arabic, "halal" translates to "permissible" or

21 Delicious Ramadan Recipes to Elevate Your Iftar Experience

Ramadan, the holy month of fasting observed by Muslims around the world, is not just about abstaining from food and drinks from dawn till dusk. It's a time for spiritual reflection, self-discipline, and

Discover Top 6 Halal Restaurants in Toronto

Toronto's multicultural restaurant scene offers a rich array of culinary experiences, with halal dining taking a prominent spot in the city's gastronomic landscape. For those curious about exploring halal

What does haram mean?

"Haram" (حرام, harām) is an Arabic term used in Islam to refer to anything that is considered "forbidden," "prohibited," or "impermissible" according to the principles outlined in Sharia law. It encompasses

Algerian wedding: 8 traditions you don’t want to miss

Algerian weddings are a delightful blend of tradition, love, and celebration. From the enchanting "La Khitba" to the mesmerizing Henna Night, and the heartwarming "El Khouara" ceremony, these unique and

7 traditions to know before attending a Lebanese wedding

Lebanese weddings are a blend of rich traditions, vibrant celebrations, and warm hospitality. Attending one is an experience like no other, where you'll find yourself immersed in a tapestry of customs

The complete guide to a Muslim wedding

Stepping into the captivating world of a Muslim wedding is like embarking on a journey full of culture, tradition, and faith. These celebrations, rich in diversity and beauty, showcase the essence of the

Tunisian wedding: 7 days and nights of beautiful traditions

Lasting for a few days, a Tunisian wedding is an unforgettable extravaganza that weaves together various pre-wedding ceremonies, beauty rituals, and joyous festivities. In this blog post, we will delve

Exploring Walima: A detailed overview and guide

In the rich tapestry of our Islamic traditions, one vibrant thread stands out - the Walima. It's not just a feast; it's a symbol of joy, unity, and the start of an incredible journey for a couple. The

How to prepare a Moroccan wedding

A Moroccan wedding is a joyful and festive celebration, rich in specific traditions and rituals. Whether you're of Moroccan origin or simply want to immerse yourself in this vibrant culture, planning a

6 Egyptian wedding traditions worth knowing about

When it comes to weddings, few ceremonies around the world blend tradition, culture, and love as beautifully as an Egyptian wedding. Steeped in rich history and infused with centuries-old customs, Egyptian

Attending a Henna party as a guest? Here's your essential guide

If you've received an invitation to a Henna party, also known as a Mehndi party, you're in for a delightful cultural experience that's deeply cherished among Muslims. These gatherings are not just about

The Traditions of an Arabic Wedding

An Arabic wedding brings together a mix of customs, rituals, and fun festivities that can differ depending on where you are. From the super colourful Henna party to the awesome Zaffa, every part of an

What to expect at an African wedding as a first-time guest

Muslim African weddings are a beautiful celebration of love, culture, and unity, reflecting the rich heritage and traditions of Africa. From the pre-marital rituals that symbolize respect and formality

Meet Omer Aziz: How to Navigate Western Life in an Eastern Family

We sat down with Omer Aziz, author of Brown Boy: A Memoir, to chat about love, marriage, and what it was like being a first-generation Canadian in a Pakistani household. Growing up as a Pakistani Muslim

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