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#freetheburkini 🧕

Muslim sisters, it’s hot outside. Go swim in peace, don’t worry Muzz will reimburse you if you get fined for wearing a burkini.

Muzz will reimburse French Muslim’s burkini fines

This summer is meant to have some of the hottest temperatures recorded in France. People across the country will head to beaches and pools to cool down. However, for many French Muslim women that means deciding between escaping the heat or sacrificing their beliefs.

This is unjust!

Muzz fully supports the rights of all women across France to wear what makes them comfortable when swimming. For some, that’s a bikini. For a lot of Muslim women, that’s a burkini. This is why we’ll give the money back for anyone who receives a burkini fine in France (up to a total of €25,000) this summer.


Are you serious?

Yes, we're 100% serious.

How does it work?

You’ll need the following documents

  • An official notice from a government agency with a burkini fine that includes your full name and address.

  • An official bank statement showing you’ve paid the fine to that government agency already (we will not accept any screenshots or unofficial documents). Please note: the burkini fine and bank statement must include the same names and addresses.

  • Muzz reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this at any time.

How much will you pay?

We've set aside €25,000 to pay burkini fines in France this summer. We'll pay any official burkini fine that meets our standards up to that total.

Do I need to be a Muslim to have my fine reimbursed?

We welcome support from non-Muslim allies who want to protest these unjust burkini bans. If you get a fine while wearing a burkini, we’ll reimburse you even if you’re not Muslim.

What is Muzz?

Muzz is the world’s largest Muslim dating and marriage app, with over 6 million members worldwide - including hundreds of thousands of single Muslims from France. Muzz has helped create over 200,000 marriages.

What will you re-imburse?

Muzz will re-imburse any approved fines for wearing a burkini. We won't cover other costs such as transport, entrance fees or other fines.

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