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10 Red Flags that a Muslim Player Won’t Marry You

May 25, 2023

Sarah officially started her professional career by working in a small news agency in her city. As a fresh graduate, she was profoundly happy about her new job. She felt as if her four years of hard work had finally started to pay off.

Throughout her time at University, she looked at couples roaming around and taking care of each other. However, she had also witnessed some painful ‘break-ups’ and detachments. – the reason Sarah never believed in love before marriage.

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At her office, her thinking started to change a little as she genuinely began to develop feelings for her boss. She felt as if he too liked her in the sincere sense. They became good friends and occasionally went for lunch together. The boss told Sarah that he will marry her after 3 years.

Dating a Muslim Man: 10 Signs That He Will Never Marry You 

Over a brief period of 15 days, her affiliation grew stronger. However, something irked her and that was his demand for physical contact. After a few pecks and hugs, he apologized that he can’t convince his family of the marriage. Both of them agreed on remaining friendly colleagues, but even as professional friends the boss tried to provoke her into an illegal relationship by requesting Sarah to meet at a private and secure place.

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This was an eye-opener for her and she realized that someone truly in love with her would never provoke her for such things. She knew that she had fallen for the wrong person. Although she used to cry a lot and the detachment left her emotionally traumatized, Sarah implored Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) for His mercy and forgiveness. There was no one in her life to share this pain with.

“My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.”

Dear Sisters in Islam, Sarah is not the only girl who has experienced this. Many girls have gone through even bitter experiences that have left them emotionally shattered. There are so many sisters who get trapped in this emotional abuse and regret afterwards, even while knowing that these attachments can be painful if not bound legally (i.e. through Nikkah) girls still get caught up.

The aim of this article is to share with you the 10 signs that a Muslim man will never marry you and there is no point in indulging in activities that will lead you to nowhere in life.

1. He feels uncomfortable when you talk about marriage

Whenever dating a Muslim man and you try to discuss the future of your marriage with him, he tries to change the topic and gets irritated. He also asks you to think about it when the time will come. He is more interested in planning out dates and enjoying secretively.

2. He doesn’t talk to your Wali

He insists on keeping the relationship as secret as possible. Claiming that he loves you with all his heart and wants the best for you in life, he still doesn’t talk to your Wali (father/guardian) about the possibility that he will take your responsibility in the future.

dating a Muslim man - keep it halal

3. He hides your relationship with him

When dating a Muslim man that truly loves you, he would never keep you like a filthy hidden part of his life that doesn’t deserve to be shown to the world. He doesn’t want to declare the relationship openly. If he hides you from his family and is afraid to confess his inclination towards you then understand that he doesn’t plan to marry you.

4. He asks for your photographs without proper hijab

Any man who would know that you will be his future wife would never ask you to stoop down to unethical levels. Every man dreams of a modest and chaste girl, how can he push his future life partner to embrace immodesty? Think about it!

Anybody, encouraging you with ‘haram’ can never be your well-wisher in life, let alone a lover. If he is demanding under-dressed photographs then bear in mind that this is one of the 10 signs that he will never marry you, no matter how tall his claims are. You will be a temporary temptation in his life.

Every man wants his wife to act with a certain level of dignity, if you don’t belong to him, you definitely do belong to someone else, do not harm your dignity out of stupidity.

10 Signs That He Will Never Marry You - he asks for photos without proper hijab 

5. He doesn’t care for your pain and worries

You are spending nights crying for him and hoping to hear just a few comforting words from him, but he is least bothered. This speaks volumes about his indifference towards you. Dating a Muslim man who wishes to make you his spouse will own your pains and worries and have an empathetic approach.

6. Everything depends on his convenience

He talks when he wants to and ignores you for the rest of the time. This explains that you are just a leisure sport in his life. When he is too bored he decides to spend time with you.

dating a Muslim man - not talking today

7. With words

Genuine words aren’t hard to identify. He hasn’t even discussed the size of the wedding ring or told you about the dress he wants you to wear on Nikkah day – still, you expect him to marry you – don’t get trapped! This is definitely another one of 10 signs that he will never marry you. 

8. Friends with Benefits

Some men use the word ‘friends’ to keep the relationship going so that girls remain hooked up and they can enjoy their company. Dating a Muslim man who uses all chances to take advantage of you and even if it involves paying the bill at lunch then this is yet another red flag for you.

9. Doesn’t trust you with his secrets

If he is reluctant in discussing his past and doesn’t open up to you then believe it, you are not worthy enough. Had he been serious about including you in his life, he would’ve shared every single detail about himself. Not necessarily his past sins. But things that matter and life choices and incidences that are of importance.

10 Signs That He Will Never Marry You - doesn't tell you his secrets 

10 Finally! When your ‘NO’ to his demands distance him from you

This is the final red flag out of the 10 signs that he will never marry you and it is an evident one indeed. When you refuse to meet him alone or to fulfil his obscene demands, he would start distancing himself from you, just like a useless piece of paper in his wallet.

10 Signs That He Will Never Marry You - when you say no and he distance himself  

Dear Sisters, falling in love the halal way is not wrong. Islam itself is a religion of love and compassion. You do have a right to decide who your future life partner will be, but getting involved in pre-marital physical bonding/infatuation will only lead to affliction.

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So maintain your chastity for the one who deserves you the most and promises to be your guardian for the rest of his life. As it is mentioned in the Holy Quran:

“Certainly will the believers have succeeded: They who are during their prayer humbly submissive. And they who turn away from ill speech. And they who are observant of Zakah. And they who guard their private parts. Except from their wives or those their right hands possess, for indeed, they will not be blamed. But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors”.{Surah Al Muminun 23 : Verses 1-7}

Moreover, it is never too late to repent and retreat, if you have gone through this make sincere ‘Taubah’ and wait for the right man to hold your hand after signing the Nikkah papers of course.

May Allah bless you all with righteous spouses who will be the means of you entering Jannatul Firdous al Alaa.

Source: The Ideal Muslimah 

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