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10 Muslim Jokes About Valentine's Day

August 8, 2022

“I’d never Muslim ban you from my heart”

It’s that controversial time of year again (no, not what day fasting starts) but Valentine’s Day! Here’s a roundup of the Muslim internet’s humorous, though cautionary, views on V-Day.

1. It’s a stress-free day for us!

2. This sister doesn’t mince her words.

3. All about that halal “date” life:

4. Extra points for cuteness here:

5. The relief is real!

6. When you’re trying to cut corners (no pun intended):

7. Surely this is the most romantic act of love?

8. Maybe she has a good point ????:

9. When Muslims are no strangers to controversy:

10. When the post-V-Day sales are just too good:

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