Muzz | Single Sunni Muslims looking for love

Single Sunni Muslims looking for love

Look no further than Muzz! Muzz is a halal dating app with over 6 million Muslim users worldwide looking to find a spouse. Our app is specially designed with unique filters and features to cater for Islamic marriage. Muzz is where Muslims meet, download now.

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A Sunni Muslim is part of the Sunni sect of Islam

Sunni Islam makes up the largest branch of Islam, followed by around 80% of the world’s Muslim population. Marriage is something which is highly valued in Islam, and with such a high Sunni Muslim population to choose from, we know that finding the perfect Sunni spouse for you can be difficult. But don’t worry, Muzz, a Muslim dating app, is here to help! By using Muzz you’re able to filter by Islamic sect, allowing you to only see profiles of people who belong to the sect you want. Once all the basics are out of the way, you’ll be free to concentrate on finding that special someone!

Can Muzz help me find a Sunni partner?

The simple answer is, yes we can! With over 6 million Muslim members worldwide, Muzz is the perfect place to start the search for your Sunni Muslim partner. We understand how complicated the marriage search can become as a Muslim, that’s why we’ve designed Muzz to ease some of that pressure. We have added filters for religiosity so you can see if your values are compatible with someone else’s and there are also family filters so you can see if your future plans align too. We want you to feel completely comfortable when using Muzz, so we also give you the option to blur your photos or even to add a chaperone (wali) to your chats if you prefer.

Break the ice and find love as a Sunni Muslim!

We want you to enjoy your experience of finding love on Muzz as a Sunni Muslim, which is why we’ve added the icebreakers feature to aid your search. If you ever find yourself lost for words, never fear- we’ve got you covered! We’ve introduced a wide range of icebreaker questions to answer and add to your profile for your matches to see. Say goodbye to the awkward “hi” first message and choose from our religious focused icebreakers to start conversations talking about what values really matter to you as a Sunni Muslim.

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