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I grew up in a small town in the Midwest and never really met anyone I felt I connected with growing up. A few years out of college, I was convinced I had met every possible suitor I could in my town and would never find a spouse there so I decided to move to the Big Apple for work and try my luck at meeting someone there.

I joined apps like Minder and Coffee Meets Bagel and met a lot of people through those apps, but nothing seemed to ever really feel right or workout. I was on and off the apps for about a year and was getting incredibly frustrated and convinced I would never meet anyone of quality through an app.

Then, last Fall I downloaded Muzz as a last effort. After a couple weeks and a few bad experiences, I deleted the app and decided to take a break. But a few weeks later I decided to give it one more shot and downloaded Muzz again and matched with someone from the state I grew up in that same night, the same state that I was convinced I had met everyone I could possibly meet!

He grew up in a town just outside of the one I grew up in and we went to different universities but turns out, we knew so many of the same people, and even knew of each other’s families, yet never knew each other existed.

> We hit it off almost right away.

We talked every single day after that via FaceTime and were able to meet in person 6 weeks later when I went back to my hometown for a visit.

We were adamant that we took things very seriously and neither of us wanted to waste our time. We were both on exactly the same page in what we wanted out of a spouse and it truly felt like fate.

Every decision between us was so easy and seamless. Our family and friends got along right away and there were almost no road bumps alhamdulillah.

> People used to tell me that if something comes to you easily, it is meant to be yours and I truly believe that now.

We’ve had our nikkah since then and will have our official wedding celebrations in a few months, just a few weeks shy of our 1 year anniversary.  I tell this story to others because I want them to know that it is possible to meet someone of quality on an app and that they key is not to let the bad experiences discourage you.

If I had never decided to give the app another shot, I would never have met my husband and I thank the Muzz team for that!

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