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Safety Guidelines

Following these simple tips will give you a safe and enjoyable Muzz experience.

Safety Center | Safety Guidelines

5 simple tips to stay safe

Never share financial information

Ignore requests to send money or share financial information such as bank accounts, credit card numbers or social security. If anyone asks you for this, report them immediately.

Keep personal details private

Don't share personal details until you're 100% comfortable. Keep your full name, phone number, email, address and social handles private.

Don't tap strange links

Some scammers might try to trick you into tapping suspicious links in chat or by email. Muzz will never send an email asking for your username or password.

Only talk on the app

Keep your conversations on the app until you're ready to meet in person. This will keep your contact details safe and means we can act on reports quickly.

If in doubt report it

How to report bad behavior on the app:


Step 1.

Scroll to the bottom of their profile.


Step 2.

Tap the “report and block” button


Step 3.

Let us know why you’re reporting/blocking them.

How to report bad behavior in real life:

You can get in touch with our 24/7 Community Support team by email [email protected] or directly via the app. Sending screenshots and detailed information helps us address your report quicker.

For your security please only email us from the address you signed up to Muzz with.

Safely meeting your match in person

It's exciting to meet your match in the real world, but it's important to do it in a safe and in a halal way.


Always meet in public

Have your first meet up somewhere public like a cafe or museum. Avoid meeting at private homes or anywhere secluded.


Tell family or friends

Share your plans with someone you trust - who you're meeting, where you'll be and when you'll be coming home. Bring your phone just in case.


Don't get into cars

Even if your match volunteers to pick you up or drop you off, you should organise your own transport.


If in doubt, leave

Trust your instincts and stay cautious. You should never feel bad about leaving if you feel uncomfortable.

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