Muzz | The dating app for Muslims

The dating app for Muslims

With more than 6 million Muslim users and 250,000 happy marriages, we've shown that unmarried Muslims CAN date if they abide by basic restrictions.

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Muslim Dating Done Right

Muslim dating can be daunting, especially if you're worried about the dos and don’ts. When we created Muzz, our biggest challenge was bringing Muslim singles together in a safe and halal way while respecting our users' religious and cultural beliefs. With over 6 million Muslim members and 250,000 successful marriages, we’ve proven that single Muslims CAN date - they just need to follow some rules.

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Can you date as a Muslim?

Yes you can , BUT with some ground rules - the main one being that there should be an intention to get married. At the end of the day your intentions are between you and Allah, but there's no such thing as casual dating in Islam. Secondly, the dates themselves should be respectful. We encourage our members to only meet in public and to use the opportunity to ask each other important questions about their goals in marriage. Getting tea at a cafe or walking in a popular park during the daytime are great first date ideas. If you're extra brave you can think outside of the box. Maybe you'll be like Ashar who cooked Maheera a biriyani dish when they first met- we very much stan this strategy. If there's ever any doubt bring a chaperone (or Wali).

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Finding The One

We use technology to make it easier for Muslim singles to find their perfect partner. For example, our app has search tools important to Muslims, such as filters for sect, prayer levels and family goals. Privacy and modesty is prized in Islam. Members can blur their profile photos and even include a chaperone (also known as Wali) in chats. At the end of the day, being yourself is how you'll find someone amazing. You can add Profile Videos, Voice Intros and your interests to your profile to make you stand out.

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