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Do I have to upload a photo?

At Muzz, we strive to provide a secure and inclusive platform for all our users.

How we use your photo

One of the ways we verify the authenticity of profiles is by using selfies. This means you must upload your selfie for us to compare it with your profile picture.

Your privacy matters

We understand the importance of privacy, so members can choose to blur their photos from other users.

Our members can reveal their photos to specific matches once they feel comfortable doing so. This way, they can take control of their privacy and only share their photos with people they trust.

If you prefer more control over your photos, you can hide them or make them private. If you need help with how to do this, simply follow the steps in our guide: How can I hide my photos or make them Private?

Can’t find your answer?

If you have questions about how Muzz works, or need technical troubleshooting help, please check out our Help & Support page.

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