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Lockdown Eid: Tips on Spending Eid at Home

January 23, 2023

For many of us around the world, Eid is going to be a lonelier experience this year. With most countries still in somewhat of a lockdown, we've got to adapt like we did for Ramadan.

Despite not being able to pray together in the Mosque, or see our extended families we can still maintain that community spirit that makes Eid so special! Here are a few tips from us on celebrating Eid in lockdown.

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Start Your Morning Right

Just like you would on a normal Eid, start your day practicing ghusl where one say Bismillah and cleanse yourself fully from all impurities. Indeed, Ibn ’Abbas narrated, ‘The Messenger of Allah (saw) used to have a bath on the day of Fitr’.

And even though you may not being going to the Mosque or seeing all your friends and family, you should still get dressed up in your festive outfits and smarten up! It'll make you feel and appreciate that it's not just another normal day.

Pray At Home

Due to these unprecedented times, scholars around the world have concluded that you can pray Eid prayers at home this year. For tips on how to pray Eid prayer at home, visit this guide.

Bring the Party To Your House!

It's a time of celebration and your surroundings should reflect that. Make sure to decorate the house with all the festive decorations like balloons, bunting and fairy lights. Check out places like Amazon if you're short for time, or Muslim based companies that we love such as Mubarak London and Eid Party. Get the whole family involved (who live in your hosuehold that is) and make it a fun activity you do in the days leading up to Eid.

Be Neighbourly

Islam teaches us to always be kind and helpful to our neighbours. But never has it been more important than during these strange and stressful times. Drop off some home cooked goods or post them a kind note. You never know who might need it most.

Schedule in Those Eid Zoom Celebrations

Just because you can't physically see your friends and family during this time, doesn't mean you can't celebrate with them at all! Using the many video chatting platforms that are out there now you can schedule in dinner parties, catchups and Eid Mubarak messages with all your loved ones.

So instead of sending that 'Eid Mubarak' WhatsApp message this year, call up your friends and family!

It's a difficult time, but our efforts to stay at home and listen to the guidance we've been given will inshallah save many lives.

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