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muzmatch in review

August 8, 2022

muzmatch is a matrimony site that’s there to assist single Muslims in the task of finding their marital partner. It’s open to Muslims living anywhere. However, the small number of members that are registered on the site (around 50 or so) seem to be located in the United Kingdom, where the owning company is based. The registration consists of five steps, in which you’ll be prompted to add a little information about yourself, declare your ethnic origin and commitment to your faith. Profiles must be approved before they appear on the site and before you’ll be granted access to most of the services and features.

Once you’ve gained access, you can begin browsing other people’s profiles immediately. There’s one catch however. While free members can create a snazzy profile, and look around the site. They can’t view other peoples’ photos (unless that person has explicitly set the public view option in his/her profile). This, along with contact privileges, requires the purchase of credits. The minimum that can be purchased, 50 credits, will cost you £5.00. The more credits you purchase, the cheaper they become.

Your “control panel” gives an instant overview of your activity on the site, including requests, profile views, messages, credit balance and your favourites. It also lists new members on the site.

There are two searches available. A quick search lets you search by gender, age and location. The advanced search allows you to refine your preferences down to exact city of residence, religious sect, commitment to faith, education, profession and physical appearance. Search results show a blurred image of the person’s main profile picture, a brief biography, and two flags, one indicating country of residence, and the other indicating ethnic origin.

muzmatch looks like a promising site, but its lack of active members means it probably isn’t a very realistic avenue in terms of finding a marital partner. Its tidy and simple design will appeal to those who may be busy and have little time to play around with too many “technical novelties” and features. The simple “pay as you go” setup will also appeal to those who only want to pay for what they use rather than be committed to an ongoing monthly subscription.

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