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What are Compliments?

Don’t want to miss your chance with someone special? Although Muzz usually requires users to match first, there is a way to chat straight away.

Introducing Compliments

Compliments allow you to message a member without waiting for a match. As a non-gold member, you will receive one free Compliment every month.

Send a Compliment

1. Tap on the butterfly icon in the bottom bar

2. Tap on the purple shooting star

3. Write or record a voice message to send

Receive a Compliment

Any Compliments you receive will show at the top of your chat list. You can review each message by tapping on the sender’s avatar. If you’re interested in chatting, tap accept. Alternatively, if the profile isn’t for you, you may also decline.

Want more Compliments?

Upgrade to Gold to receive one free Compliment every single day. Gold members can even purchase more credits if they wish.

Can’t find your answer?

If you have questions about how Muzz works, or need technical troubleshooting help, please check out our Help & Support page.

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