Muzz Blog | muzz | Muzz builds (pink) homes for Syrian refugees in Turkey!

Muzz builds (pink) homes for Syrian refugees in Turkey!

April 20, 2023

Muzz builds (pink) homes for Syrian refugees in Turkey!

April 21st- Muzz hits our goal of raising $400K this Ramadan!

With your help, Muzz was able to raise $400K for Syrian refugees living in Turkey! And we couldn't be more thankful.

With the help of Muslim Aid USA, we will be building:

A widows & orphans facility
A Syrian community center
Long-term housing for thousands of Syrian refugees

This will change lives.

Follow along for updates in the next few months…

March 22nd- Muzz announces new goal of raising an additional $300K this Ramadan!

Thanks to the generosity of our users, Muzz collaborated with Muslim Aid USA to deliver food, supplies, and more than 290 temporary shelters to the victims of the Turkey/Syria earthquake.

The job doesn't end there. 3.6 million Syrian refugees, one-third being children, still need our help in Turkey. Muzz has set a new goal of raising an additional $300K to provide permanent housing for Syrian refugees. Help us build a widows & orphans facility, a community center, and long-term housing for those in need.

February 12th- Muzz raises $121k in just 2 days!

With the generosity of our users, we smashed our $100K target and raised over $121K for Turkey in just two days - including $50K of donations matched by Muzz.

February 10th- Muzz commits to raising $100k in 7 days for Turkey- matching all donations.

Due to the scale of this disaster, Muzz decided to launch an emergency appeal to help the victims immediately. Our charity partner, Muslim Aid USA, provides volunteers on the ground in Turkey with essential supplies, including emergency supplies, food packages, shelters for homeless families, hygiene kits, and medical supplies.

February 6, 2023

On February 6th, 2023, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked southeast Turkey near the Syrian border, resulting in a significant number of casualties and over 50,000 fatalities. The catastrophe impacted entire neighborhoods and communities resulting in the emotional turmoil that was felt across the world.

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