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8 Relatable muzmatch GIFs

August 8, 2022

We know, we know, muzmatch is already pretty great. “How could it get any better?” we hear you wonder, well there is one simple answer:


Yup, that’s right, muzmatch are now letting you send Pics and Gifs in your chats to impress your matches. And to celebrate, we are sharing some examples of the most relatable muzmatch moments, using Gifs...

1) When your checking out someones bio and think they’re cute, and you get that notification that they liked your profile 😉

2) When they unblur their photos, but they’re not your type and you’re just like…

3) When they video call you without booking an appointment first…

4) When you realise they’re not right for you and you try to reject them in a nice way… but they won't let you

5)  Answering your very first video call like...

6) When the conversation is amazing though text, but then you switch to video call and it’s super awkward

7) When you ask them to meet up in real life and they say “Inshallah” and you’re left wondering if that’s just a polite way to say no…

8) When you actually get married to someone you met on muzmatch

We hope you have fun using our new Pic & Gif feature, but remember to always:

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