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Does origin really matter?

In terms of people, origin describes our ancestry, our roots, our parentage and background. For young Muslims living in a multicultural society in London, we generally have a mix of friends from diverse

Covid Vaccines? NHS? What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Vaccines. These days, this term stirs a lot of controversy. For some, vaccines mean hope while for others it creates feelings of dread. We know that within the Muslim community there has been a lot of

The Anti-Black racism when it comes to Muslim Marriage

Let's not beat around the bush - as a British Muslim of Pakistani origin, I know first hand that both Asians and Arabs can be incredibly racist towards their own kind, however unashamedly more so towards

How To Spot A Scammer On A Muslim Marriage App

Picture this: you match with someone, they’re crazy attractive…almost too attractive, they’re funny and they just seem to be everything you’ve been looking for. Does it feel too good to be true? We’re

"Where’s Your Hijab?" Bro, Where’s Yours?

I really hate it when I’m scrolling through twitter and see some sisters getting dragged by men about the way they wear their hijab. If I had a penny for every time I’ve seen a  guy say “you may as

Why are Muslims conflicted about Valentine’s Day?

CELEBRATING LOVE ISN'T THE PROBLEM It’s a day single people dread (or happily ignore), a day couples revel in (or snub in favour of everyday acts of romance) or for some it’s a day that is quite problematic.

It’s Time For Muslims To Change The Narrative

I’m sure by now we’re all used to the negative way Muslims are often portrayed in the media, the negative spin that’s always being placed on any story involving us.  Muzz always strives to overcome

Lockdown Eid: Tips on Spending Eid at Home

For many of us around the world, Eid is going to be a lonelier experience this year. With most countries still in somewhat of a lockdown, we've got to adapt like we did for Ramadan. Despite not being able

Living Harmoniously In A Lockdown

You’ve always known that the road to a happy relationship is long — but nothing tests your love more than facing your husband or wife 24/7, round the clock, in an enclosed space with only so many rooms

To whom this may concern, you have mail

An frank open letter about intercultural marriage Salamu’alaykum Muzz Kings and Queens, Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Zubair, aka Zu, aka @ghetto004 on twitter. “Eww why is that your @?” because

22 Muslim influencers who will inspire and empower you in 2022

We've been blessed with so many great Muslim influencers who shared their amazing content with us throughout the years! We've picked our 22 inspirational Muslim influencers to look out for in 2022 from

Brides Wanted- Sorry, FAIR Brides Wanted: Colourism in Asian Communities.

"This will make your skin glow!" my aunt tells me excitedly, handing me a silver square box that reads “Glowing, radiant fairness in 3 easy steps”. It’s a bleaching cream. I force a smile as I politely

Do You Even Cook?

Do you cook? He asks, less than an hour into our back-and-forth text conversation. It comes after we jump over his either flirty or dorky opening line, and slide past pleasantries about the weather in

Help! I’m A Muslim Revert And Can’t Get Married

Undoubtedly, being a Muslim revert brings up many challenges. Disapproving parents, work, a partner, friends and the list goes on. On top of that, you’ve got to find someone that will slot nicely into

What to do when you’re on your period during Ramadan

Ladies, I'm sure we've all experienced the horror of fasting for the whole day, then right before iftar you decide to go to the toilet and find that you’ve gotten a visit from that special monthly visitor….

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