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Allah Never Fails You #muzzsuccess

Allah Never Fails You #muzzsuccess married in 2018

As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahhi wa barakatuhu.

> "Remember me and I will remember you", Allah says in the Quran 2:152

And I remembered my rabb in every salah and in every sujood for a practicing spouse. Allah remembered me. Marriage is a very big decision and even bigger responsibility. It wasn't easy at all to make a choice not knowing if the person is trust worthy or not. But when you put your trust in Allah and sincerely ask, he listens. Trust me he does.

Last Shaban 2018, I did my very first Umrah. During every tawaf I cried looking at the kaabah making dua for Allah azawajal to help me and bless me with a practicing spouse with whom I shall grow in the deen and get closer to Allah.

Photo by Adli Wahid / Unsplash

A few years back in 2015 he did his Hajj. He cried facing the kaabah asking Allah to grant him a God fearing wife and pious children. It all started on Ramadan 2018 with a swipe right on Muzz. We matched and everything felt like it was falling in place, it felt right. Trying to keep things halal, we took less time to include our parents although we were very much worried about the distance, us being states apart. I was from Chennai, India and he lives in Mumbai. Nonetheless, it worked. Alhamdulillah.

Allah gave us a lot more than we asked for in each other. Our marriage is a proof that Allah is most merciful and accepts sincere duas. He, almighty exists without doubt and he answers at the right time.

> We cried in front of the kaabah at one time without knowing that we were asking for each other.

After matching on Muzz, we cried almost everyday in sujoods and in our duas for us to happen.

Everything went so perfectly and the families said Yes! On 26th December 2018, with the pleasure of Allah, Zoheb Ahmed Qazi and I, Arshiya Anjum, both implemented a great Sunnah of fulfilling Half of our Deen as Man and Wife. Alhamdulillah. Jazakhallahu khairn team Muzz for being a big part of our blessed life.

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