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Muzz is now Muzz! 👀

May 9, 2023

The world’s biggest Muslim marriage app is now Muzz

We fought our hardest to keep the Muzz name, unfortunately, the big guys won. Don't worry, they won't stop us on our mission to connect the two billion Muslims of the world. 💪 We'll just be doing it with a new name and a new look! 💕

More than a fresh coat of paint 🎨

Say hello to Voice Intros and Profile Videos! We've taken your feedback and added two new features we think you'll love!

Profile Videos – Static pics are so last year! Get more matches by recording a quick video of yourself. 🎥

To keep things halal, all videos are automatically moderated with an obscenity filter. Just like your other images, you can keep Profile Videos private until you’re ready to share.

Voice Intros - Now your potential match can hear your voice before even speaking to you!” Share your true self with a song🎙, a Quran recitation 📖, or your best (worst) dad joke.🤣

Remember, members with Voice Intros and Profile Videos get more matches! So what are you waiting for? Update your Muzz app now, and start working on your Intros!😉

This is just the start! keep an eye 👀 out for all the exciting things coming up as Muzz. 💕

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