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Let's talk about dating...

The word “dating” has long been a taboo in the Muslim community. From an early age, children are reminded that Muslims don’t date and that dating is “haram” (prohibited).  I remember receiving these

Part 2: I Met a Girl on Instagram..7 Months Later We Got Married

I was unsure whether to publish my previous post. It’s rare that I share personal things about myself or my family, but the piece went viral and received a fantastic response. We received lots of comments

A Letter to All the 30+ Single Asian/Arab Guys

Dear >30 year old Single Asian/Arab Guy, I have been matchmaking for the past three years to help diminish the ever increasing number of 30-something year old singletons. I do this on a voluntary basis

6 First Date Ideas to Build Real Connections

Let's grab dinner! Words that I personally hate to hear when I'm planning a first date with someone. Especially when I've never met them before. While getting dinner or coffee for a first date can be

How to Deal with Rejection on Muslim Dating and Marriage Apps

It's hard dating online these days. Rejection on dating apps is higher than ever. With swipe fatigue, paradox of choice and poorly designed profiles (more on this soon, watch this space) it’s harder than

Quel est le meilleur site de rencontre musulman? Découvrez notre Top 5

Chercher l'amour en tant que musulman peut être un défi, mais avec l'émergence des applications et sites de rencontres musulmanes, trouver votre âme sœur est devenu plus facile que jamais. Si vous êtes

I'm (still) a Young Single Muslim Lady...One Muslimah's Journey on Finding the ONE

I started looking for a marriage partner late when I was 24 years old after finishing my education. I have the total freedom to choose my own marriage partner but I didn't date when I was younger as I

Où ramener son premier date : Des idées pour impressionner 💡

Le premier rendez-vous revêt une importance particulière pour les musulmans célibataires, car il permet de créer des liens dans le respect des valeurs et des principes de l'islam. Choisir le bon lieu pour

What is a Nikkah?

Are you curious to know what is a Nikkah? Well, you've come to the right place!  In this blog post, we will dive deep into the beautiful world of Nikah and explore its origins, significance, requirements

Les choses que j'aurais aimé savoir avant mon hlel !

J'ai été chanceuse à la quatrième tentative avec mon mari sur Muzz. Tout d'abord, il y avait ce gars excessivement excité, le premier, qui voulait avancer rapidement et célébrer notre hlel dès que possible,

Everything you need to know about Nikkah

If you're getting ready for Nikkah, this significant Islamic ceremony, you've come to the right place. We're here to provide you with a wealth of knowledge, insights, and practical advice to help you navigate

What are the Muslim marriage rules?

Muslim marriage rules are like the compass that guides Muslims in their quest for a lifelong partner. They're designed to ensure that marriage is built on a solid foundation of mutual respect, shared values,

A Comprehensive Guide to Marriage in Islam

Marriage in Islam is a really special thing. It's not just about love and companionship, but it's also about following the teachings of Islam. So, if you're curious or looking for some advice on this beautiful

The ultimate guide to preparing for a Nikah ceremony

Welcome to our ultimate guide for getting ready for your Nikah ceremony! If you're getting ready to embark on this beautiful journey of love and commitment, we're here to help you navigate the ins and

What you need to know before you sign your Nikah Nama

Marriage is a special bond, and the Nikah Nama is like its foundation. It's more than just a piece of paper; it's the key to building a strong and happy marriage. It covers everything from rights and responsibilities

Seriously. What’s the Point of Marriage?

What’s the point of getting married? No, really, this is a serious question. What’s the point? If you don’t have a goal, objective, or specific outcome in mind, or if you don’t know what you and your

For Busy Muslims: A Crash Course on How to Meet Singles

It’s nearly here already, Valentine’s Day and everywhere you will go – you will know ‘love is in the air’…Eye roll. Before you know it, it’ll be wedding season again!  It’s yet another reminder of

5 erreurs à ne pas faire lors d'un premier date

Le premier rendez-vous est souvent un moment stressant et excitant à la fois. C'est l'occasion de faire connaissance avec une nouvelle personne et de créer une première impression. Cependant, il est facile

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