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How Young Muslims Define 'Halal Dating' For Themselves

When 18-year-old Nermeen Ileiwat first began college, she could not wait to get into a relationship — maybe even get engaged before graduation. But after one year, the rising sophomore realized she had

How to know if you have a Keeper

Over 13 years ago I was married. We have no cute, natural photos from our wedding showing how much we loved each other.. How I ‘caught his eye’. As customary, we took only the unnatural, bollywood pose

Règles de rencontres musulmanes : Ce que vous devez savoir avant de commencer à fréquenter

Salam, célibataires musulmans ! Vous êtes-vous déjà demandé ce qui est autorisé et ce qui ne l'est pas dans les rencontres musulmanes ? Nous comprenons qu'en tant que célibataires musulmans, il peut être

Les difficultés des rencontres halal et comment les surpasser.

Si vous êtes dans la vingtaine, célibataire et que vous ne vivez pas sous une pierre, vous avez probablement essayé de rencontrer quelqu'un en ligne. Maintenant, cela peut être difficile pour tout le monde.

Est-ce que aller en date est Haram ?

La question de savoir si les rencontres amoureuses sont haram (interdites) dans l'islam est un sujet complexe et nuancé. Les opinions varient parmi les érudits musulmans en fonction de leurs interprétations

Est-ce que les musulmans peuvent aller en date ? Tout ce que vous devez savoir...

Wa alaikum salaam. Nous supposons que si vous êtes arrivé sur cette page, vous vous demandez probablement : Les musulmans peuvent-ils sortir ensemble ? C'est une question assez courante, surtout avec la

5 Traits Of A Great Muslim Life Partner, And How To Attract Them

“I created you from one soul, and from that soul, I created its mate, so that you may live in harmony and love” Quran 7:189 Sometimes when you’re getting to know someone, you really think that they’re

The Health Benefits of Marriage

I’m sure we are all aware of the Islamic benefits of marriage, in particular the famous hadith of how marriage completes half our deen,  “Whomever Allah blesses with a righteous wife, He has helped

7 Things You Can Do to Protect a Marriage During Crisis

Marriages are hard. While they're beautiful and rewarding, they can be quite a bumpy road for most couples. Married people have to invest a lot of energy and hard work into keeping their marriage happy

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Compatibility, and One Secret You Should!

Although most of us would agree that ‘compatibility’ plays a key role in the success of any romantic relationship, few take the time to understand what it is or evaluate their perception of this nebulous

28 Marriage Success Tips - For Guys and Girls!

Yet we are seeing failures in marriages all around us. Family fights are on the rise, women and children are being abused and many families are falling apart. More and more marriages are ending up in divorce

No one talks about the Single Muslim mums looking to remarry?

When Looking for a potential spouse there is much to consider especially if you are a single mum, but one thing I never thought I would have to think about was asking a man if he could think as a father

Things to Think About Before Getting Married

Divorce looms before a new marriage has begun on a number of accounts. The world wide number of divorce is ever increasing. Compatibility is the main fault found in this issue and from it comes concerns

Window Shopping...

Once upon a time a term used for indecisive shoppers teasing retailers with false hope now commonly used in the ever growing ‘matrimonial market’.What makes for a ‘matrimonial window shopper’ and more

A Point of View: Is There a Secret to a Happy Marriage?

Nobody can explain the secret to a happy marriage, says Adam Gopnik, but it doesn’t stop people trying. Anyone who tells you their rules for a happy marriage doesn’t have one. There’s a truth universally

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