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Muzz featured in The Docklands News

August 8, 2022

Canary Wharf trader sets up Muslim matchmaking site

A Canary Wharf trader has set up a matchmaking website to helps Muslims find their perfect partner.

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Shahzad Younas, who works for a leading investment bank, created Muzz after finding other websites were not meeting the needs of his friends.

The Mudchute resident said: “Friends were talking to me saying how bad other sites were in terms of the way they operated and what they cost.

“The main complaints were the number of profiles which were incomplete, the cost and that lots of people on these websites weren’t serious about finding a partner, they wanted something more casual.

“People I spoke to wanted something that wasn’t expensive, that offered a bit of privacy and that had some quality control.”

Shahzad, who has a background in computer science, decided there was a gap in the market for a website which offered a pay-as-you-go service rather than a subscription, and which required customers to fill out complete profiles before they could start contacting other people.

And working in Canary Wharf, Shahzad is aware people may not have the time to keep constantly logging on to a complicated website.

The 27-year-old said: “It’s ridiculously simple to use but those who want to use it have to fill out their profiles completely and have to provide photos.

“Just requiring all those details means people who aren’t serious get put off, so the security of the site is good.

“And all the photographs are blurred, so only full members can see them, it’s a privacy feature.”

Shahzad hopes the site will expand from the current 200 members and that one day will be able to offer a tailor-made matchmaking service.

He said: “Before I set the site up I had matched quite a few people, and one couple is even getting married.

“I would love the site to grow and to see people who have met through it getting married.

“That’s the ultimate goal for me.”

Link to Article published in the Docklands News: Canary Wharf trader sets up Muslim matchmaking site

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