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#Muzzsuccess: Rahmat and Parvez

Thank you to Rahmat and Parvez for sending in their lovely message. The Muzz team are extremely pleased, and we wish Rahmat and Parvez all the best in their journey together as husband and wife, insha’Allah.

#Muzzsuccess: Ayah and Rasheed

Thank you to Ayah and Rasheed for sending in their story. The Muzz team are extremely pleased, and we wish Ayah and Rasheed all the best in their journey together as husband and wife, insha’Allah. We pray

Closed Doors

Perhaps you were getting to know somebody, or pursuing a potential proposal – everything was in order, and you envisioned a life with this person, but it just didn’t work out. Perhaps you spent weeks revising

Marriage Bandits and the End of Secret Second Wives

MORE AND MORE awareness has been raised regarding the phenomenon of ‘marriage bandits’ – those men, often portraying themselves as ‘religious,’ who approach women with convincing proposals of marriage,

10 Tips for a Healthy Long-Distance Relationship

This week’s guest blog is by Ammar Farishta. For a guy who has been in a long distance relationship for the best part of a year now, I’d consider myself a self-proclaimed expert of sorts on the subject.

First Impressions Count!

LEARN ABOUT: But first, let me share some results that my clients experienced by using these tips. Hanna my client was struggling with finding, connecting and keeping the right partner for her. She signed

Are Singles Too Picky to Get Married?

This week’s guest blog is written by lifestyle coach and author Nasema Begum. Whilst being single and looking for Mr Right, I had a synoptic checklist of what kind of person he must be, do and have. Sensible

Muslim Matchmaking Mishaps

I asked the online Muslim community to tell me all their mishaps and misunderstandings as they venture out to find their lifelong partner. I was messaged by this guy who, after an exchange of ‘hello’s’,

A Recipe for a Disaster-Free Marriage

There is no denying it relationships can be hard work at times. We are spending far too long focusing on external qualifiers. Successful relationships require something much more profound than just shared

4 questions about Muslim Relationship Coaching #WajeehaTalks

Muzz caught up with Wajeeha Amin, an experienced relationship and lifestyle coach. This is the first in the series of #WajeehaTalks – where we will be unpacking different parts of relationships in the

M&M’s: Marriage and Money

A recent article in the New York Times highlighted the importance of a couple agreeing on the type of financial lifestyle they wish to live before things get serious in a relationship. Questions such as The Prophet ﷺ also said: “A woman may be married for four reasons: for her wealth, for her lineage, for her beauty, and for her religion, so marry the one who is best in the religion and character, and you will prosper.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

9 Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

When my ex-husband decided he wanted a divorce, I remember feeling like my life was coming to an end. I could feel the physical pain of grief and anxiety over what my life would now look like. I kept thinking

Islamic Tips When Looking for a Spouse

Muslim conferences and conventions (like the one being held by the Islamic Society of North America & Muslim American Society, Imam W. D. Mohammad) are just one of the many places Muslims in North America

The Marriage Decision: Everything Forever or Nothing Ever Again

There’s not really any normal way to start a relationship. Some people go on a date, and then another date, and then another, and one day it’s just clear to both of them that they’re in a relationship.

Big, Divorce-Proofing Talks To Have Before Getting Married

In fact, the ability to broach big, difficult conversations early on is one of the most important qualities in a new relationship, said Alicia H. Clark, a psychologist in Washington, D.C., “You can’t know

Sex and the Ummah: The Hadith of Jabir

Jabir b. Abdillah is one of the most famous Companions of the Prophet salla Allahu ʿalayhi wa sallam. He was from the Ansar, and accepted Islam as a young boy. His father was the famous warrior Abdullah

When He Leaves For Her: An Unaccepted Reality in Our Communities

Muslims assume that emotional or physical affairs never happen in the Muslim community. I’ll never forget the morning I found out that my husband was having an emotional affair with one of my close friends.

Marriage, Dating and Cultivating Healthy Relationships

I find myself often having a familiar conversation with many young men who are about to get married. One of the first times it happened, I was approached by a guy after I had given a lecture at an Islamic

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