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How to Get Ready for Your First Muzz Video Date!

Have you heard? Muzz now has FREE video calling! It goes without saying that the world has changed a lot in the past few weeks, but one thing that’ll never change is our need to make real connections with

On Sabr and Struggle: an open letter to Muzz

Dear Muzz, My story is not a success story, but one of struggle and perseverance. I am having a hard time telling myself to keep faith, whether I find the perfect match or not. My parents migrated from

Lockdown Lovers: how to keep the spark alive whilst social distancing

Since the dawn of romance and human interaction, two facts have remained consistent: long distance relationships are difficult and they aren’t for everybody. Since the COVID-19 began to rock the ordinary

Why Premarital Counselling is The Key to Happy Ever After

If you’re getting to know someone for marriage and things have started getting serious, you may have heard about the benefits of pre-marital counselling. For some couples, the thought of sitting in front

The Best Coronavirus Pickup Lines To Use On Muzz

We're all in lockdown at the moment (if you're not, stay at home!), so what else is there to do besides spend all your time on Muzz... right?! 👀 So here are some pickup lines you can use next time you're

A Frank Letter to Male Muzz Users

Dear Male Muzz User, It has taken me a mammoth-sized amount of courage to download Muzz, to tell my parents and siblings that I’m looking for a potential husband “online,” to quell my parents’ fears when

4 Ways to Connect With Your Partner Before Marriage

Now that Valentines Day is on the horizon and the idea of dating seems so prescribed in Hollywood ideals, it can be daunting for a single Muslim who is getting to know someone for marriage. The space between

On Refusing to Settle: 3 Steps To Take When You Realise It's Not Working

Maybe you’ve been talking to them for months or years. Maybe they’ve met your family. Maybe you’ve spent hours daydreaming about your future together and you’re afraid you may never feel like this about

20 Muzz Tips to Find the One in 2020

"The magic in new beginnings is truly the most powerful of them all." - Josiyah Martin It's almost a brand new year! If you struggled in 2019 to find your perfect Muslim spouse, then 2020 is a fresh start

Meeting The Parents? Here's What NOT To Do

So you've been speaking to someone on Muzz for a few weeks, maybe met up for a halal date or two and you might be thinking it's time to get the parents involved. Meeting the parents can be a nerve wracking

8 Red Flags ⛳ He's Not Serious About Marriage ❌

There's a reason why the saying, 'you have to kiss* a hundred frogs to find your prince' is as old as time. Apps haven't changed anything. Sorry. Finding the one is like finding a needle in a digital

Is it Still Possible to Stay a Virgin Until Marriage in Today’s Age? Yes! Here’s how.

Trying to tame the hormone monster while Muslim? We got you. Before you get too excited, “self-loving” is off the table. There’s no loopholes around it. Stop googling shady forums to get permission 👀

First Date Fails — Muslim Edition

When the 'halal dating' struggle is too real. Have you ever felt let down by meeting the person you thought might be the one? Don’t despair, here’s our list of funny dates to help ease the pain!

10 Animals That Mate for Life

If animals can be monogamous, what does that say about some people? Here's a list of 10 animals who can put some humans to shame when it comes to loyalty 🐻❤🐼 Rodents often get a bad rap for being promiscuous,

How To Make You, Not Your Anxiety, Shine Through On A First Date

The days leading up to a first date can make life feel both like a wondrous dream and a worrisome nightmare. From when plans are made to the night of meeting your match, a barrage of doubts and anxieties

What You Lose When You Gain a Spouse

What if marriage is not the social good that so many believe and want it to be? In America today, it’s easy to believe that marriage is a social good—that our lives and our communities are better when

Becoming Nikkah-Ready, Inside And Out

By Jennifer Dawson So you’ve found the love of your life thanks to Muzz, and set the date for your Nikkah. For many people, the next step is choosing their wedding outfit. This is often a large part of

Preserving The Best Moments Of Your Relationship

Demographically speaking, Muslims have some of the highest marriage success rates across the globe. But as time goes on, couples must work together to preserve and collect the best, most cherished moments

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