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How Finding Work You Love Is Like Finding A Partner

July 31, 2020

Though you might think of a job search and a partner search as two totally different pursuits, they’re alike in more ways than one. Searching for “the one” requires effort on your part, including dressing your best and polishing your profile. Once you actually meet up and begin talking, there’s still a long way to go before you know whether you’re compatible or not. Read on to learn more about these parallels and some tips for success.

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1) Finding Each Other

The biggest hurdle is always the first one – finding each other. Searching for a job you’ll actually enjoy or a person whose company you’ll appreciate is no easy feat. It’s not impossible though. Here are two ways to help you discover a potential match.


Networking is a crucial step to putting yourself out there on the job or dating market. It’s the best way to build up a good reputation for yourself and meet new people. When you network among friends, your social circle expands with people who have similar values. Likewise, networking for a job communicates your skills and attitude to potential employers.

It’s important to remember that, in a way, you’re always networking. You give off an impression year-round to everyone you interact with. It also takes time to build a good reputation, so don’t save networking for the last minute.

Polishing Your Profile

Your profile and your resume are both key factors in discovering a match. It’s how you show you’re special to interested parties. Even before you meet, a put-together profile will communicate the most important aspects of your life.

  • Your interests and hobbies
  • Your past education and experience
  • What you’re looking for

2) Meeting Up

Once you’ve found someone promising, next comes your first meetup. I promise it’s nerve-wracking for both parties. Your date is probably fretting over their outfit and hair. Your hiring manager is going over their questions and making sure to be prepared for all aspects of conversation.

First Impressions

First impressions are wildly important. The way you dress and manage personal hygiene is an important indicator of respect for the other person and communicates a subtle understanding of social cues. Showing up to a date or interview in unwashed or rumpled clothes is a major turn-off. Likewise, showing up in attire that’s completely inappropriate (usually revealing a bit too much skin), might lead the other party to question your social finesse.

Make the most of dating and interviewing by choosing attractive clothes that aren’t too revealing. Modest outfits in subtle colors are always a good choice. Take time to dress with care and remember that personal hygiene is of the utmost importance.

Getting to Know Each Other

Once you get settled at the dinner table or office desk, it’s time to learn more about each other. This is where the heavy lifting comes in as you’ll need to manage conversation openers with care. Be friendly, wear a smile, and remember to listen actively. Do so and you’ll be off to a great start in showing your interest and sparkling personality.

3) The Perfect Fit

It can be difficult to find “the one.” Even if you do have several interviews or dates, you might discover that you’re just not a good match. How do you tell when it’s a good fit?

Comfort and Compatibility

You know that not just any person or job will do – you want the <em>right</em> one. Try to stay open to how you feel and listen to your gut, and trust that the other party is doing the same. In fact, HR managers find the right job candidate by considering the comfort and ease of the interviewee. Do the same and follow body language cues to sense when you’re on the right path.

Combined Strengths

You’ll know it’s the right fit when you both benefit. In the position of partner or employee, you’ll be able to offer your support, knowledge, and attitude to the other party. You’ll also be on the receiving end of amazing benefits – and not just health benefits either.

You can count on the right match to invigorate your life. You should be allowed room to grow and succeed in the ways that matter most to you. Above all else, a great long-term match relies on mutual trust and appreciation.

4) Find Your Match

There’s no pretending that putting yourself out there isn’t a challenge. It can be scary and exciting and downright confusing at times. However, by being yourself and remaining thoughtful, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit when the time is right.

About the Author

Alina Burakova is an avid writer. She excels in helping manage Resume Writers reviews and is renowned for her expertise in HR matters. In addition to crafting resume guides, she has always been published in several journals regarding her professional hiring experience.

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